WITHIEL PARISH COUNCIL                       Draft


Minutes of the Meeting held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 4th January 2012

In Withiel Village Hall


Present:  Cllr J Piper – Chairman, Cllr I Martyn, Cllr M Biddick,

Parish Clerk – Mrs A Worth.

Also Present: Cornwall Cllr M Martin, Adrian Lea – Manager of Natural Resources Planning Team, MP Dan Rogerson.  Approx 29 members of public.


Guest speakers M P Dan Rogerson and Adrian Lea were welcomed and invited to speak.  MP Rogerson spoke about the current renewable energy topic and advised of issues he will be concentrating on at Westminster during this time of uncertainty, top of his agenda are transport issues, housing and employment.  Members of the public asked him to take back several points made about the renewable energy topic which he has noted and will do so.  A member of the public queried the A30 and was advised they are looking at a revised scheme and the infrastructure spending.  Adrian Lea then took the floor and gave an in depth talk about renewable energy, he passed around some information and took questions from members of the public.  There was a lot of debate and he tried to give unbiased information.  Several members of the public had points of concern to make about wind turbines.  Cllr Piper thanked everyone for attending.


1                    Members Declarations of Interest:  None to report.

2                    Apologies for Absence: Cllr D Hore, Cllr D Hancock.

3                    Minutes of the Meeting 7th December 2011:  The minutes were agreed true and correct proposed Cllr Martyn seconded Cllr Biddick.

4                    Matters Arising:  Stiles – Cllr Piper will liaise with Max; Highways – Cllr Biddick concerned re potholes again.  Cllr M Martin met with Highways and raised our issues and they are working towards clearing problems.  If serious they will call out in 24/48 hrs; Casual Vacancies see below.

5                    Vacancy on Parish Council:  Eric Harper is poorly in hospital; Vice-chairman Cllr R Thomas resigned and there is another position available.  The closing date for applications is 9th January and applicants are encouraged to apply in writing.  Cllr Thomas’s duties are to be placed on agenda for next month for Cllrs to liaise and take on.  Many thanks is given to Cllr Thomas for all his hard work and support during his time with the Parish Council.

6                    Finance:  Payments due:  £127.92 Clerk’s Salary agreed proposed Cllr Biddick seconded Cllr Martyn.

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7                    Planning:  No applications received for discussion.

8                    Footpaths: Cllr Piper to liaise with Max re stiles and re form for review of the maintenance of the paths and how often require a cut.

9                    Hire of Hall for meetings:  Letter of apology to go to Bowling Team for late change of room venue disrupting their match.  The Parish Council normally meet in the small room.

10                Localism Bill:  Cllr M Martin advised step by step monthly instructions will be sent to Parish Councils and Cllrs will need to take on more roles as well as the Clerk.

11                Cemetery:  Cllr Ivan Martyn is happy to be the Parish Council representative working towards the new cemetery with the Parochial Church Council and a letter of confirmation has been sent.

12                Withiel Website: info@withiel.com.  The old website has been taken down and any links to it removed.

13                Correspondence:  Clerk read out relevant correspondence.

14                Any Other Business:  There was no further business.

15                Cornwall Cllr M Martin’s report:  January Report for Withiel Parish Council

Firstly Happy New Year to all members of the Parish Council and the members of the public who attend these meetings.

Council Update

There has not a lot of council business to report from County Hall over the past month.In a message from the Chief Executive just before Christmas we learnt that following the many recent changes affecting the Environment, Planning and Economy Directorate (EPE) the Director, Tom Flannigan would take voluntary redundancy and leave the Council.  This entire department will now come under the direct control of the Chief Executive’s Department.  The Corporate Director for Resources, Michael Crich, will continue in his current post but from Monday 6 February will temporarily take responsibility for the EP&E directorate to examine how it can be restructured. Following a wider organisational and management review, future proposals will be taken through the necessary approvals and appointment processes in about 12 months time.  In broad terms changes are coming to the administration within County Hall until the next council elections in 2013; I hope it’s all sorted by then.

Parish Matters As I reported at the last parish meeting I have since had the meeting with the senior management of the Highways Department for the east of the county.

I raised a number of issues for all of my area and trust there will be an improvement in the actioning of highway defects.  But I must reiterate that due to financial constraints not every problem will be dealt with unless it is deemed serious for safety reasons or to maintain the asset of our road system.

There have been no other parish matters brought to my attention this past month.

Mick Martin – Cornwall Councillor – Lanivet Division

16          Date of Next Meeting:  The next Parish Council meeting will be at 7pm in Withiel Village Hall on Wednesday 1st February 2012.  Cllr Piper thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9pm.

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