Cornwall Council’s East Area Planning Committee has rejected two planning applications for wind turbines in Withiel but accepted a third. The Piper and Drake turbines were rejected by large majorities – 12 – 0 in the first case, 10 – 0 in the second with two abstentions.

Unfortunately the turbine on Varcoe land at Hendra has been approved. This is 46 metres high, similar to the turbines on St Breock Downs, and will dominate the approach to the village from the A30. Regrettably, it is an agency turbine, erected and maintained by a Scottish company which also banks the subsidies, with the landowners getting a small percentage. Its value to Cornwall is nil.

A full report of the planning committee decision will follow.


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  1. latulippe says:

    While the village in general must feel a certain relief that 2 out of 3 of the applications were not successful ,it still seems like the thin end of the wedge the passing of the Hendra site Turbine .As we pointed out the approach to that site is a narrow very twisty lane and not suitable for the traffic it is going to be asked to take.As pointed out its value to Cornwall is nil and the landowners not getting that much for the upset and division this surely caused.We are most disappointed .Is there no hope of appeal?

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