We have received this from a lady in Australia. If anybody knows anything about her family and its connections with Withiel, she would love to hear from them.
Many years ago I visited Withiel looking for ancestors of my then husband who was a Vagg.  We did find a gravestone in the churchyard with the name Vagg upon it, however, we also found my own ancestors name Trewren which was very exciting. 
The best part was the plate in the church with the past Rectors names and Richard Trewren’s name in 1712 included amongst them.  I took a photograph at the time and am wondering if there are any past records of the Trewren name?  I am also in touch with Andrew Withiel Thomas (astronaut) as I know his father and the name Withiel has been handed down as part of their name for generations.  In fact I had a card from his wife with the gift tag of The St.Clement’s Project and organ pipes as a fund raiser for the roof of this magnificent 13th Century Church.  Upon receipt of this little card it prompted me to write this to you as it kindly gave me this email address.   I do hope you can help me as I am, at present, in the midst of compiling the Trewren family history as I am the last of my line my Grandfather being Alfred John, my father being John Charles Frederick and my maiden name being Yvonne Lilian Mary Trewren.
Many thanks  Regards
Yvonne Brand (nee Trewren)  email yvonnebrand@bigpond.com   Address Sevenoaks Retirement Village, 6 Eaton Court, Stirling, South Australia, 5152  Australia

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