Withiel Parish Council
Extra-ordinary Meeting
Village Hall
7.15 pm on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

Members of the Parish and Public are cordially invited to attend.


Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting

1. Members’ declarations of interest.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. Minutes – to approve the minutes of 2nd January 2013.
4. Matters Arising.
5. Planning.

a. PA12/10939 to be reassessed in light of new information provided by Kronos Solar Projects. Land North Of Kerriers Withiel Bodmin Cornwall; Provision of photovoltaic solar park and ancillary infrastructure. Applicant Name: KS SPV22 Ltd.

6. Business for the next meeting.
7. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 6th February 2013 @ 7.15 pm.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
12th January 2013


3 Responses to Agenda – Wed, 23 January 2013

  1. Christine Wilson says:

    I understand that it is unusual in Withiel to sign the minutes at an Extra-ordinary Meeting; however, the rules state that the minutes should be signed “at the meeting they record or at the next meeting.” Though this meeting is ‘extra’, it is still ‘ordinary’. Please contact me if you have any questions. ~ The Clerk.

  2. Kerriers says:

    I understand that a document has been circulated by Kronos in regard to this meeting stating ‘No objection from local land owner owning holiday business. With our property circled on a map. This implies that we at Kerriers do not object to the solar park. This is not the case (our objections are logged with the planners). And, we certainly object on the basis of it’s potential negative impact on tourism.

  3. moffat says:

    Hurrah for the helpful hyphen! Does it mean that on special occasions I can now enjoy “extra-marital” relations without leaving home?

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