The Parish Council advises all interested members of the public:

Public Consultation
for a Solar Park at Kerriers
Planning Reference PA12/10939

Withiel Village Hall
Wednesday, 13 February
7.00 pm — 9.00 pm


The public consultation will be held in the Committee Room.

You may arrive at any time  7 – 9 pm.

All interested members of the public are invited to attend.

If you have any interest in Solar Parks in general, or a Solar Park in Withiel particularly, we encourage you to use the Public Consultation to learn more.  The Kronos engineers will be available to explain all aspects of the proposal.

Withiel Parish Council’s Minutes of 23rd January begin with a brief summary of the questions put to Kronos that evening.

C Wilson — Parish Clerk


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  1. Christine Wilson says:

    Andreas Bürkle, engineer, and Frank Bohne, director of Kronos, represented their company at the meeting last night. 28 members of the public, including 5 Councillors plus the Clerk also attended.

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