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Cornwall Together – Round 2

Cornwall Together aims to reduce the cost of living by bringing people from all walks of life together to negotiate a better deal for everyone.

Energy bills have risen by over £700 on average since 2004 – that’s an increase of 140%. In 2013 we face a 50/50 chance of black outs. Recent price rises are likely to push an additional 300,000 people into fuel poverty. That could mean another 65 people a day will die because they can’t afford to heat their homes.

That’s why we started by bulk buying electricity, gas and heating oil. We helped 10,000 people to join together in the first round with average savings of £133 for those that decided to switch their energy supplier. Over £150,000 went back into the pockets of Cornish households. But it’s not just about joining forces to save money, we’re working with the NHS, Cornwall Council and other public, private and third sector partners to alleviate fuel poverty and improve public health. Ultimately, we want to support people to work together to achieve something that they might not manage to do on their own.

Round 2 – How it works

On 8th February this year, energy suppliers bid against each other to provide the cheapest energy prices for our members across the following payment categories: Direct Debit, Payment on Receipt of Bill and Prepayment.

Between 18th February and midnight on 17th March, people will be able to register for Cornwall Together at www.cornwalltogether.com or by Freephone on: 0800 772 0925. They’ll need to have a recent energy bill to hand if they have one.

Once they’ve registered they’ll be given a quote that tells them the possible saving they would get if they switched to the winning company in their category, alongside a best-of-market quote so they can make an informed decision.

They can switch immediately or they can wait and switch later (so long as it’s before the 17th March)*. Either way, the final price will depend on the final amount of people who switch. The more people that switch, the more everyone will save and Cornwall is now buying alongside Scotland, Exeter, Birmingham and Solihull via UK Together (www.uktogether.com).

The campaign

We want to reach the whole of Cornwall, so there’s an announcement in the leaflet that accompanies the council tax bill, a leaflet drop to all Cornish households, advertising in the press, radio and outdoor plus a series of community drop-in sessions and town-centre road-shows. We’ll be using Facebook, Twitter and local networks to promote the campaign.

*It’s slightly different for heating oil – you have to make a decision on whether to switch as soon as you have the quote.


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