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Race for Life is back, and it’s time to take the fight to cancer.


Let’s face it, cancer doesn’t care who it affects. It can ruin everything without a second thought. So let’s show cancer who’s boss. Let’s say enough’s enough. Let’s bring cancer to its knees at Race for Life 2013.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is the UK’s largest women only fundraising event, where thousands of women all round the country come together to share amazing moments and complete 5k to raise money to help beat cancer. We hope 5,000 women will take part in Race for Life in Cornwall alone, to raise £250,000 for Cancer Research UK. It doesn’t matter how you complete the course. You can run, walk, jog or even dance 5k. Or you can simply sponsor someone. As long as you’re on our side, raising money and fighting all the way.

Every penny you raise will help us find cures for over 200 types of cancer. Thanks to our generous supporters and heroic researchers, childhood cancer is a success story in the UK. Back in the 1960s, only around a quarter of children with cancer survived. Today, three quarters are cured and our work has been at the heart of this amazing progress.

So gang up with us now. Run, walk, dance, enter at


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