Withiel Parish Council Meeting
Village Hall
7.15 pm on Wednesday, 5th June 2013

Members of the Parish and Public are cordially invited to attend.


Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting

13-19. Members’ declarations of interest.
13-20. Apologies for absence.
13-21. Minutes.

a. To approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, 15th May 2013.
b. Review of the draft minutes of the Parish Meeting.

13-22. Matters for report.

13-23. Councillors’ roles and responsibilities.

a. Rights of Way Officer [Footpaths].
b. Communications, which will include the monthly report for Withiel News & Views, pushing for greater Broadband speed, reach & capacity, Website uploads.
c. Legal and Procedural Officer, which will include Bodmin Community Network, Bodmin Rural Transport Forum, CALC documents, along with other documents.
d. Hedges & Highways Officer.
e. Neighbourhood Development Plan Officer.
f. Finance & Audit Officer.
g. Planning Officer.

13-24. Footpaths.

a. Date to put footpath maintenance to tender in local magazines. Prospects must have proper insurance, but not necessarily be VAT registered as previously mentioned 6-3-13, Minute 5.b.
b. Response to Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) offer: £265, footpath maintenance for 6,626 m of Silver Paths.

13-25. Finance.

a. Clerk’s salary clarification.
b. Outstanding invoices from 15 May meeting & others.

i. Clerk’s April salary £411.16 & expenses £47.45.
ii. Clerk’s May salary & expenses to be reported through 31 May.
iii. CALC membership £133.63
iv. SLCC membership £63.00
v. Bricknells £28.95
vi. CALC Year-end accounts training £24.00
vii. CALC Working With Your Council Training £240.00
viii. Internal Audit £75.00
ix. Bricknells £25.13

13-26. Notice Board repair.

13-27. Planning.

a. Planning decisions.
b. Related correspondence.
c. Planning Applications. Ref. No: PA13/03148. Mr Andrew Varcoe. Installation of a single wind turbine and associated works. Land At Hendra Farm Withiel Bodmin PL30 5PB.

13-28. Code of Conduct – Review section 2.6

13-29. Standing Orders – Review.

13-30. Financial Regulations – Review.

13-31. PCSO Paynter’s report.

13-32. Cornwall Cllr C Batters’ report.

13-33. Business for the next meeting.

13-34. Correspondence & Invitations.

13-35. Date of Next Meeting. Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 7.15 pm.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
29th May 2013


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