Withiel Annual

Parish Meeting

DRAFT Minutes
Village Hall, 7.00pm, Wednesday, 15th May 2013

Present: Chairman J Piper
Absent: None.
Parish Clerk: Mrs C Wilson.
Also Present: Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters, Cllr Coy, Cllr Harper, Cllr Kirkby, Cllr Malone, Cllr Nott-Bower, Cllr Shearer, Cllr Thomas + members of the public.

The meeting began at 7.00 in the large room of the Village Hall.

1. Apologies for absence. PCSO Paynter is on leave and his temporary replacement also sent apologies.

2. Minutes of 2nd May 2012. There are no separate minutes from the previous year’s Annual Parish Meeting. The reports were included with the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, signed by Chairman Piper 6 June 2012.

3. Reports from Organizations in the Parish.

a. Parish Council. Chairman Piper read his report. Report filed with the minutes.
b. Neighbourhood Watch. Mr P Cardew read his report and demonstrated an alarm/light which can be purchased to deter oil tank theft. Report filed with the minutes.
c. Withiel Playing Field Association. Cllr Coy reported as Chairman of the WPFA. Report filed with the minutes.
d. Police Community Support Officer. The Clerk read the report from PCSO Paynter’s temporary replacement, PCSO O’Toole. Report filed with the minutes.
e. Cornwall Council. Our new Lanivet and Blisland district Councillor, Chris Batters introduced himself. He announced that in addition to the CC Surgery in Blisland on the last Saturday of the month, he will also have a Surgery in Lanivet, details to be determined. He is happy to discuss receive call from members of the public on 01208 269991.
f. Rev Elke Deely read her report for the Parish of St Clements which has joined with St Wenn parish in a United Benefice. Report filed with the minutes.
g. Any other reports. The Chairman asked if there were any other reports and there were none.

4. Electors of the parish and members of the public were invited to address the meeting. There was no further participation.

5. Date of the next Annual Parish Meeting, Wednesday 7th May 2014.

The meeting closed with the Chairman thanking all those who attended.

There was a statutory break of 5 minutes before
the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
18th May 2013


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