Withiel has received this notice from our neighbours in Lanivet. They are inviting members of the public from all neighbouring parishes – you may feel inclined to go along and hear what they have to say.

Would you be able to respond to an emergency?

Emergencies can take many forms from severe weather (heavy snow or floods) to something more devastating and possibly life threatening.  In some circumstances the emergency services may be unable to respond as quickly as they, or indeed we would like.  Other situations may not need “Blue light response” but can be satisfactorily dealt with by the community.  Either way, the local people are always going to be first on the scene and this will provide a contingency plan so that we can deal safely and effectively with any situation until the emergency services arrive.

Lanivet Parish Council, with support from Cornwall Council, wish to establish a group of volunteers to formulate an action plan which could be implemented to respond to any emergency occurring within the parish. We would like to compile a list of people from the community who may have special skills, access to a 4X4 vehicle/any specialised equipment which may be of use in an emergency situation.  The involvement of local community groups and organisations will be encouraged and everyone wishing to contribute in any way will be most welcome.  We do not aim or indeed seek to replace the emergency services but would endeavour to manage a situation until the professionals arrive.  They could then determine if our assistance is still required or if we could be stood down.

Please don’t leave it to Someone Else as Someone Else is extremely busy and unable to commit further.

This can only progress with the assistance, support and co-operation of the community.  Your involvement is vital if this enterprise is to succeed.  We cannot do it without you!

If you are able to help or wish to know more you are cordially invited to attend a public meeting on Monday 9TH September 2013 in Lanivet Village Hall at 7.00pm.  All are welcome.


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