Meeting of Withiel Parish Council

Monday 2 September 2013


70-13               Attendance

71-13             Members Declaration of Interests or any requests for dispensation.

72-13               Apologies

73-13               Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting

74-13             To approve the minutes of the Council meeting of the 7 August 2013 and the closed meeting of the same date

75-13               Matters arising from the previous minutes.

76-13             To establish a Council policy for the circulation of Council minutes and agendas

77-13               Councillors’ reports


Neighbourhood Development





78-13               To consider the recording of meetings.

79-13             To consider the extension of the participation of members of the public at Council meetings.

80-13             Footpath Contract- to receive tenders for the maintenance of Parish Footpaths.

81-13               Planning Updates.

82-13               To establish a date for an Open Forum for consideration of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

83-13               Date of Next meeting

Councillor Simon Coy


Withiel Parish Council


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