Members of Withiel Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend

Withiel Parish Council Meeting

Village Hall

Wednesday, 7th August 2013 at 7.15 pm

Members of the Parish and Public are invited to attend


54-13       Attendance

55-13       Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations

56-13        Apologies for absence

57-13        To approve the appointment of an unpaid Parish Clerk

58-13         To resolve to exclude members of the public and press from the meeting during any items identified as containing confidential information as under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960. Item 68-13

59-13        Invitation to members of the Public to address the meeting

60-13        Minutes
a) To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council 3 July 2013
b) To establish the Council policy for the circulation of draft minutes

61-13        Matters arising from the minutes of 3 July 2013
Officers reports

62-13         Finance
a) To consider registering the Council with the ICO (Information Commissioners Officer) at a cost of £35
b) Internal Control Report
c) Payment to the outgoing Clerk
d) Cheques for payment – Bricknells £9.98. Cornwall Council – £993.73 Clerks Salary

•            Footpaths
a)   Report from Rights of Way officer
b)   Tenders for footpath maintenance.

•             Planning
•     Application PA13/03913 – Applicant Alexander John White
Location – Shalimar, Roche.  Proposal – change of use from agricultural land to B8 use for storage and welfare accommodation.

•     Application PA13/05967 – Applicant Alexander John White
Location – land NE of Higher Brynn Farm, Roche.  Proposal – construction of a new commercial building for processing storage and distribution purposes.

65-13        Correspondence

66-13         Police Report

67-13          Report from County Councillor

68-13          To approve the minutes of the closed meeting of 18 July 2013

69-13           Date of next meeting

Richard Thomas



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