Meeting of Withiel Parish Council
Monday 2 September 2013

70‐13 Attendance
71‐13 Members Declaration of Interests or any requests for dispensation.
72‐13 Apologies
73‐13 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting
74‐13 To approve the minutes of the Council meeting of the 7 August 2013 and the closed meeting of the same date
75‐13 Matters arising from the previous minutes.
76‐13 To establish a Council policy for the circulation of Council minutes and agendas
77‐13 Councillors reports
Neighbourhood Development
78‐13 To consider the recording of meetings.
79‐13 To consider the extension of the participation of members of the public at Council meetings.
80‐13 Footpath Contract‐ to receive tenders for the maintenance of Parish Footpaths.

81‐13 Planning Updates.
82‐13 To establish a date for an Open Forum for consideration of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.
83‐13 Date of Next meeting

Councillor Simon Coy
Withiel Parish Council



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