September 2013

a book for all and noneOur 201st book was extraordinarily appropriately titled A Book for All and None. All of us attempted it and almost none finished it. It is the story of two lonely academics, Raymond and Beatrice, one studying the misunderstood philosopher, Nietzsche, and the other writing a biography of Virginia Woolf. Interwoven with their romance are a number of other stories about Nietzsche, Woolf, Raymond’s family and Beatrice’s husband and his mistresses. Two of the three members who kept with it and overcame the confusing cacophony of accounts were intrigued by the twists in the plot and ultimately satisfied with the novel.

The author, Clare Morgan, teaches creative writing and has also written the enigmatic What Poetry Brings to Business.

Our next book is a collection of short stories by Alice Munro Too Much Happiness. Our discussion will concentrate on the title story.  We meet again on Thursday, October 17th.

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