Members of Withiel Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend

Withiel Parish Council Meeting

Village Hall

Wednesday, 18th September 2013 at 7.15 pm

Members of the parish and public are invited to attend


84-13   Attendance


85-13   Members declarations of interest and  requests for dispensations.


86-13    Apologies for absence


87-13    Invitation for members of the Public to address the meeting


88-13     To approve the minutes of the meeting of 2 September 2013


89-13    Matters arising from the minutes of 2 September


90-13    Report from Cllr Thomas concerning Community Emergency Planning

91-13    PA13/07936-Meneghyjy, Withiel Listed Building Consent-

Replacement of rotten windows, Dr M Davey


92-13     To receive a presentation from Jeremy Rowe Localism Officer


93-13     Correspondence – To consider a request for further payment from the ex-clerk


94-13     Invitation for members of the public to address the meeting


95-13     Date of next meeting



Richard Thomas,




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