Members of Withiel Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend:

Withiel Parish Council  Meeting

Village Hall
Wednesday, 4th December 2013 at 7.15 pm

Members of the Parish and Public are invited to attend



140-13   Attendance

141-13   Members declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations.

142-13    Apologies for absence

143-13    Invitation for members of the Public to address the meeting

144-13     To approve the minutes of the meeting of 6 November 2013

145-13    Matters arising from the minutes of 6 November 2013

146-13    Virement of funds between budget heads

147-13    Finance

148-13     Renewable Energy Landscape Planning

149-13     Planning  -PA13/10289.  Proposed extension to provide a new Utility Room with shower room on ground floor and additional bedroom with en-suite at first floor level and construction of a conservatory to south elevation.  Churchtown Farm, Withiel  Mr and Mrs J Rundle

150-13     Planning-PA13/10049 Partial change of use to include A3 restaurant, Bamber House, Victoria. Mrs Sharon Hughes

151-13     Lawellen Lane Bridge

152-13     Road Conditions

153-13    Feedback from Public Forum

154-13     Correspondence

155-13    Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting

156-13    Date of next meeting January 1st 2014

Richard Thomas



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