Withiel Neighbourhood Plan

Drop-in Meeting

Withiel Village Hall, Tuesday 12th November, 6.30 pm

The Parish Council seeks your views on development in the parish between now and 2030. It also seeks to know how you believe the money the solar farm at Kerriers is obliged to pay the parish can best be used.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Do you want a say in how this Parish is to grow between now and 2030? The only way to do this is to support your Parish Council in the preparation with the Cornwall Council Planning department to agree a neighbourhood development Plan. Details of how the Council wants to do this and of the proposed Cornwall Council Strategic Policies are available tonight.

Capital Funding

Your Council has elected to take a lump sum of £35,000 from the Development Company who are installing and running the Solar Farm at Inches. This money will be paid to the Council and will be placed in a capital fund.

There have been several suggestions as to how this money should be spent; these include upgrading the Village Hall, the provision of a new Burial ground, providing salt bins at selected points in the Parish.

We want to know what you would like to see the money spent on.

Burial Ground

The Church graveyard has 17 plots remaining.  It will be full in less than 10 years.  If the Village wishes to retain the facility for village burial, then action needs to be taken soon.   The Parish Council will work with the Church to provide this facility, but only if the need is identified.

Income from the Wind Turbines

One of the conditions that the planners placed on the company erecting and running the Wind Turbines on the downs was that they should pay a sum of money to each of the four Parishes who have been affected.

Withiel will receive a sum of money annually and members of the community can bid for some or all of the money for Community projects. The money will be allocated by a Community panel which will include members of this Parish.

Parish Plan

Some of you will recall that in 2003 we produced a Parish Plan the consultation for this was well supported and a document was produced. Much has happened since then and you will have an opportunity to look at the old plan and see what has been achieved and to consider whether to support a new Plan.


The village has over 9 km of footpaths maintained by the Parish Council aided by a grant from Cornwall Council.  Cornwall Council maintains a further 4 km of footpaths which form the Saints Way which runs through the Village.  The issue at the moment is the need to replace the Bridge at Tregawne destroyed by floods in Nov 2011.  Following pressure by the Council work is now under way to replace it.  Janet Shearer is the councillor responsible for Footpaths who welcomes your questions and involvement.

Village Hall

The Village Hall, together with the Children’s play area and the Playing Field is managed by a Trust called “The Withiel Playing Fields Association”.  The WPFA spent over £13,000 in 2011 replacing two swings and installing a rubber safety surface.  The Hall has to replace its metal gas pipes with plastic ones before the end of 2015.  The disabled toilet is unsuitable for those in larger motorised chairs, and the committee plans to modify the exiting toilets to make them suitable for disabled use.

The Parish Council is represented on the WPFA committee by two councillors – Simon Coy and Richard Thomas.  The Parish Council recognises the importance of the Village Hall to the life of the village, and will work in partnership with the WPFA to make sure the Hall’s next 25 years are as successful at the first 25.

Your comments on how the Hall should be improved are welcomed.

Parish Councillors

  • Simon Joy Coy (Clerk and Planning)
  • Harry Harper
  • Susan Scott Kirkby (Vice-Chairman and Finance)
  • Patrick Malone (Communications and Website)
  • Guy Humphrey Nott-Bower
  • Janet Ruth Shearer (Footpaths)
  • Richard Owen Thomas (Chairman)


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