Noise nuisance caused by off-road motorcycles near Ruthernbridge is once again causing trouble, and the Parish Council has neither the power nor the influence to do anything about it. Responsibility lies with other agencies, which can act on receipt of specific complaints. They include the County Council’s environmental health department and the police.

If you are concerned about noise from off-road motorcycles, or from any other source, you can call the special police non-emergency number, 101. The phone will be answered by a civilian employee who will take details of where you are and what the nature of the nuisance is. While an address is necessary to establish the precise location of the nuisance, names are not always asked for or given. You will be given a log number… for instance, a Ruthernbridge noise complaint logged on December 29th has the log number 490/29/12/2013.

Depending on workload, the police may respond immediately or may follow up the incident later. There is no need to refrain from complaining about the noise if you know or believe that someone else has already done so. A large number of complaints about a single nuisance carries greater weight than a single complaint.

Please note down the log number you are given and provide it to Philip Cardew, our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

You can also call the County Council’s Environmental Protection Team on 0300 1234 212. This is manned during office hours, but at weekends, this number will switch through to an emergency number where you can leave details of the incident. Again, a higher number of calls carries greater weight, so don’t hold back from calling just because you believe someone else has already called.

To repeat, this is not an area where the Parish Council has any competence and we must rely on others for alleviation. While they all act under constraints, you’ll find they are keen to help. – Pat Malone


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