Members of Withiel Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend:

Withiel Parish Council  Meeting

Village Hall
Wednesday, 15th January 2014 at 7.15 pm

Members of the Parish and Public are invited to attend



157-14   Attendance

158-14   Members declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations.

159-14    Apologies for absence

160-14    Invitation for members of the Public to address the meeting

161-14     To approve the minutes of the meeting of 4 December 2013

162-14    Matters arising from the minutes of 4 December  2013

163-14    To consider the appointment of a Parish Clerk

164-14    Finance to include Virement

165-14     Footpath update: Footpath 15, Kissing Gate and 2014 Footpath  Plan

166-14     Lawellen Lane Bridge

167-14     Chairman’s Statement on Rules and Procedures

168-14    Invitation for members of the public to address the meeting

169-14     Correspondence

170-14      Date of next meeting


Richard Thomas



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