Draft minutes

of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council

held in the Village Hall

on Monday February 17th, starting at 7:15pm

190 /14 Attendance: Present were Councillor Kirkby (Chairman) Councillor Coy (Hon Clerk) Councillor Nott-Bower, Councillor Harper, Councillor Shearer, Councillor Malone, plus four members of the public. (Councillor Nott-Bower was called away after an hour)

191 /14 Members declaration of interest and any requests for dispensations: None.

192 /14 Invitation for members of the public to address the meeting.

Max Simpson asked why Councillor Harper had stated he was not an approved contractor. There followed a debate which betrayed misunderstandings over the term ‘approved contractor’ which the Honorary Clerk said has no real meaning. No list of ‘approved’ contractors existed.

193 /14 To approve the minutes of the meeting of 11 February 2014.

The Chairman read through the minutes. Acceptance was proposed by Councillor Malone, seconded by Councillor Nott-Bower. Unanimous.

194 /14 To consider matters arising from minutes of the meeting of 11 February 2014, and which are not agenda items below.

The Hon Clerk Councillor Coy handed the 2014 Footpaths Pack to the Footpaths Officer Councillor Shearer and spoke briefly of the steps that had been taken to solicit tenders.

The Chairman referred to the Neighbourhood Plan and said Sarah Sims from Cornwall County Council was prepared to brief the Withiel Council on the issues. A meeting would be arranged for mid-March.

195 /14 Planning: PA14/00214

Proposal: Erection of a side extension to an existing agricultural building.

Location: Great Brynn Barton Roche St Austell Cornwall

Applicant: Mr Roger Matthews

Grid Ref: 199103 / 63386

Concerns were expressed as to whether the conditions of the original planning approval had been complied with.

Resolved: “Withiel Council do not support this proposal because we believe that the arrangements for shielding the building implied in the planning conditions when it was first built have not been complied with and therefore we do not believe the building should be made even larger until this matter is addressed.” Proposed Councillor Coy, seconded Councillor Shearer. Proposal adopted, five in favour, one against (Councillor Harper)

196 /14 Planning: PA14/01012

Proposal Re-surfacing of existing access drive

Location Kerriers Inchs Bodmin Cornwall

Applicant KS SPV22 Ltd

Grid Ref 200200 / 63459

Anomalies in the planning documentation were noted and explained.

Acceptance proposed Councillor Malone, seconded Councillor Shearer. Unanimously accepted.

197 /14 To consider a revised version of Withiel Parish Council Standing Orders based on the CALC model dated November 2013 and incorporating the 2012 Code of Conduct.

The Hon Clerk read through the model Standing Orders line by line and several small amendments were made. Final version to be presented for approval at the next meeting.

198 /14 To consider a revised version of Withiel Parish Council Financial Regulations.

The Hon Clerk read through the model Financial Regulations line by line and several small amendments were made. Final version to be presented for approval at the next meeting.

199 /14 To consider an application by the Financial Manager of Withiel News and Views for an additional S137 donation.

News & Views was said to be a significant asset to the village and it was recognised that costs had risen substantially. A one-off donation of £250 was proposed by Councillor Shearer, seconded Councillor Harper. Approved with four votes in favour (Councillor Nott Bower having left) with one abstention – Councillor Coy.

200 /14 To consider the repair of the two benches beside the Bus Shelter.

Options are replacement of timbers in one bench with tannalised timber, or preservation treatment. Item put off to the next meeting to allow councillors to appraise the damage.

201 /14 Correspondence

The Hon Clerk Councillor Coy reported on correspondence from the Kerriers solar park developers seeking to know the Council’s preference for taking the benefit entitlement from the development. Noted that while a preference had been expressed by the council it had never been formally minuted. Item to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

202 /14 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting: None

203 /14 Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th March. The meeting closed at 10:05pm with the Chairman thanking those who attended.




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