Minutes of the meeting of

Withiel Parish Council

Wednesday, 15th January 2014

in the Village Hall


157-14   Attendance: Councillors Shearer, Malone, Kirkby, Nott-Bower, Harper and Thomas (chairman). Plus eight members of the public.


158-14   Members declaration of interest and any requests for dispensations. None.


159-14    Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Coy.


160-14     Invitation for members of the public to address the meeting.

Jenny Pentland commented on the state of the roads in various places.

Cornwall Council to be informed.


161-14        To approve the minutes of the meeting of 4 December 2013

Councillor Thomas read through the minutes.

Adoption of the minutes proposed by Councillor Kirkby and seconded by Councillor Shearer.


162-14      Matters arising from the minutes of 4 December 2013

Councillor Malone mentioned that work on making access to the valley possible via the new road to St Breock was continuing.

Councillor Shearer said arrangements were in hand with the County Council Highways Department to inspect the worst roads.

Councillor Shearer said she the Lawellan bridge had been ordered with a six week delivery date.


163-14      To consider the appointment of a Parish Clerk.

It was decided to put this off to the next meeting so the Honorary Clerk could be present.


164-14   Finance, including virement.

Councillor Kirkby said we have £2801 in the bank.

She proposed to vire the overspend on last year’s election costs to the budget for the clerk’s salary, which was in surplus. Proposed Councillor Shearer, seconded Councillor Nott-Bower.

A bill of £150 for mending a kissing gate had been covered by a purchase order from Cormac, payable within a week.


165-14        Footpath update: Footpath 15, Kissing Gate and 2014 Footpath Plan

Councillor Shearer reported on the repair of the kissing gate on the Saints Way, which was being paid for by Cormac.

Councillor Thomas accused Councillor Shearer of breaching the Code of Conduct, the Financial Regulations and the Standing Orders.

Councillor Shearer denied his allegations and was supported by Councillors Malone and Nott-Bower.

Councillor Shearer reported on a problem she is attending to with Footpath 15, and said a Works Schedule was being written for footpath maintenance in the coming year.


167-14      Chairman’s Statement on Rules and Procedures

Councillor Thomas made a statement on rules and procedures which questioned the use of email for communication. He then threw the meeting open to the public.


168-14 Gail Thomas said if the council was run by email, the emails should be made public.

Councillor Malone said the council was not run by email, and no emails on council business had not gone to all councillors.


169-14     Correspondence – none.


170-14        Councillor Thomas resigned as Chairman and as a Parish Councillor.


Vice Chairman Sue Kirkby brought the meeting to a close


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