Draft Minutes of a
Withiel Parish Council Meeting
at the Village Hall on
Wednesday 12 March 2014
at 7.15 pm

204/14 Attendance:
Cllrs Coy (Hon Clerk), Harper, Kirkby (Chairman), Nott-Bower, Shearer
Apologies from Cllr Malone (Business Commitments abroad)
205 /14 Members declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations. Nil
206/14 Invitation for members of the Public to address the meeting
Mr Henry Harper “No way near the bridle path” and “Woods nothing to do with me”.
Mr Philip Cardew. As a now retired community watch coordinator he continued to receive a number of complaints about noisy bikes. He explained that the most effective procedure is to phone 101 and explained how to do it.
PCSO Linda Thomas introduced herself as Lloyd Painter’s replacement. She had previously worked as a PCSO in Fowey for 8 years, and she and Lloyd had swapped beats.
She reported that no crimes had been logged during February.
She had been in the Parish on Saturday and had experienced the noise first hand. Her concerns were:
• To satisfy herself that event was properly run.
• That there were no health and safety implications
• That proper insurance was in place
• That the licensing department should be involved to ensure the terms of any licence were being met
• That the appropriate department of Cornwall Council should once again look into the matter of the noise
• That those parishioners wishing to complain should not hesitate to dial 101, and obtain a log number. This would provide evidence if planning regulations were being infringed through the use of the field more than 14 times a calendar year (Jan to Dec)
• She agreed that use of the field was a different matter from using Cork Woods

To approve the minutes of the meeting of 17 February 2014 Proposed Cllr Shearer, Seconded Cllr Nott-Bower, For 5 Against Nil, carried.
To consider matters arising from minutes of the meeting of 17 February 2014, and which are not agenda items:
• Footpaths. Cllr Shearer reported that Cornwall Council reported a delay in the replacement of the Llewellyn footbridge because of the pressure of more urgent work arising from the 2014 storms. Nevertheless, the bridge kit was ready for delivery and the abutments should be ready by Easter (April 20th).
• The Hon Clerk reported that the work on the Notice board and the Bus shelter ha been completed and to a high standard. Cllrs agreed.

To approve a notice for circulation by CALC inviting applications for the position of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Withiel Parish Council, and to approve the application form. The Hon Clerk briefed that the main change was to specify the hours to be worked (18) and the pay SCP 15 to SCP 19 (£8.428 ‐ £9.345 per hour at the 2013 rates). These accorded broadly with the 2014 budget provision. Proposed Cllr Shearer, Seconded Cllr Nott-Bower, For 5 Against Nil, Carried.
To approve a revised version of Withiel Parish Council Standing Orders based on the CALC model dated November 2013 and incorporating the 2012 Code of Conduct. These standing orders were the subject of a line by line scrutiny at the last meting, and this revised version is the result of that scrutiny.
Proposed Cllr Shearer, Seconded Cllr Nott-Bower, For 5 Against Nil, Carried.
To approve a revised version of Withiel Parish Council Financial Regulations.
Withdrawn, since the Hon Clerk had just received a new 2014 CALC Model Financial Regulations. These would be considered at a future meeting.
To consider the repair of the two benches beside the Bus Shelter.
That we adopt Option A: replacement of the wooden slats on the right hand bench, rub down left hand bench, varnish and stain both benches at a cost of £200
Proposed Cllr Harper, Seconded Cllr Nott-Bower. For 5, Against Nil, Carried.
To consider the preparation of a Risk Assessment
A draft risk Assessment prepared by Mr Thomas when chairman was considered and found to be an excellent document.
More work needs to be done to determine that our insurance policy is fit for purpose, and that will be presented at a future meeting

To consider the preparation of an Emergency Plan. The chairman had obtained a draft emergency plan, and will re-draft it to meet Withiel’s particular needs. PCSO Linda Thomas asked to be involved with this work, and her offer was gratefully accepted. To be presented at a further meeting for approval
To consider a Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document for comment to Cornwall Council’s Planning, Housing and Regeneration Service Those Cllrs that had read the document found it sensible and informative. It was agreed that Cllrs would comment to Cornwall Council as individuals.
To consider an invitation to join the Campaign to Protect Rural England at an annual cost off £29 for 1 year’s Parish Council membership.
Proposed Cllr Nott-Bower, Seconded Cllr Kirkby, For 5 Against Nil, Carried.
To consider the purchase of a reference book “Arnold-Baker on Local Council Administration” at a cost of £60 plus postage from Society of Local Council Clerks. This is a complete statement of the law relating to parish and community councils accompanied by comprehensive statutory materials.
It was agreed that we should buy a copy, but Cllr Not Bower had found a internet site where a saving may be achieved by buying second hand.
It was proposed by Cllr Nott-Bower and seconded by Cllr Kirkby that Cllr Nott Bower source and acquire the 9th edition published 2013 at cost of no more than £60 plus postage.
For 5 Against Nil, Carried

To consider noise from motorcycles close by Cork Farm in the light of correspondence from Lanivet Parish Council forwarded by the Lanivet Clerk in response to a request from the Chairman.
The Hon Clerk read some of the 17 emails dating back to 2010 which showed increasing and severe frustration by the constituents of both parishes at the inability of both parish councils to abate the nuisance. During a discussion about how to report the nuisance Cllr Harper said “Janet Shearer ring up tell to see Janet Shearer”. The Chairman told him that this was untrue nonsense. Cllr Harper said “I am not the one that started it all”
Further discussion was put off to a future meeting while we awaited a further report from PCSO Linda Thomas on the lines of her statement at 206/14.

• Community Consultation – Wind Turbine Proposal at Higher Woodley Farm
• Flood Recovery Coordination Group
• Draft transparency code for parish councils – Consultations – GOV_UK
• Home Office Consultation on fees under Licensing Act 2003
• New NALC Finance Briefings and Draft Financial Regulations
• Wind and Solar Development Training Details Course for Cllrs at Exhibition Hall, Kingsley Village, Penhale, Fraddon, TR9 6NA on 8th April. Book by 1 April.
To consider whether to opt for the ‘alternative funds’ or the ‘solar panels’ pursuant to the terms of the S106 unilateral undertaking by in relation to land known as Kerriers Solar Park, Withiel.
This had previously been discussed at 104/13, agreement had been reached but a formal motion was not put.
To accept “Alternative Funds” as a one off payment of £35,000 from the options offered by KS SVP22 Ltd.
Proposed Cllr Nott-Bower, Seconded Cllr Shearer, For 5 Against Nil, Carried.
To consider a revised Bank Mandate. Following the resignation of Mr Thomas, his name had to be removed from the Bank Mandate.
Proposed Cllr Coy, Seconded Cllr Nott-Bower, For 5 Against Nil, Carried
Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting
Mrs Anne Cardew made two points about Cork Wood in the context of the comments at 206/14 and 218/14
• That the risk associated with disused mine working should be considered by those with a duty of care to those riding motor bikes in Cork wood
• That it may be possible to find out who owns the woods by asking Western Power Distribution who gets the receipts from the way leaves on electric poles in the woods.
Dates of next ordinary meetings: Wednesday 2nd April, Wednesday 7th May, Wednesday 4th June


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