Draft Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Wednesday April 2

Present: Cllr Kirkby (Chair) Cllr Coy (Hon Clerk) Cllr Shearer, Cllr Harper, Cllr Malone, Cllr Nott-Bower

Plus PCSO Linda Thomas, Cornwall Council Environment Protection Officer Jason Drew, and eight members of the public.


224/14 Attendance

225/14 Declarations of interest: None

226/14 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting. None

227/14 Approval of the minutes of the Withiel Parish Council meeting of March 12, 2014.  Proposed Cllr Malone, seconded Cllr Shearer.

228/14 Matters arising from the March 12 minutes: None

236/14 Motorcycle noise.

(Discussed out of sequence because of the presence of the County Council Environmental Protection Officer.)

Cllr Kirkby reported on a meeting at Bodmin Police Station attended by herself, Cllr Coy, PCSO Linda Thomas, environment officer Jason Drew, neighbourhood beat manager PC Laurie O’Toole, Sgt Jared Connor, and Planning Officer David Tapwell.

Cornwall Council Environmental Protection Officer Jason Drew reported that he had been working to establish the ownership of Cork Woods and believed there would be good news on this score within weeks.

The Council adopted the following motion:

“Withiel Parish Council resolves that the motorcycle noise coming from Cork Woods and the surrounding area may constitute a public nuisance. It further resolves to:

*Do whatever is necessary to eliminate this nuisance

*Gather the necessary evidence to prove the nuisance

*Establish the ownership of Cork Woods, and thereby seek to eliminate the use of motorcycles in Cork Woods and the surrounding area

*Work closely with Cornwall Council’s Environmental Protection Officer, the police and other agencies to eliminate the nuisance.

Proposed: Cllr Malone. Seconded: Cllr Kirkby. Votes for: Cllrs Kirkby, Coy, Shearer, Malone, Nott-Bower. Abstention: Cllr Harper.

The Council also made a formal request of Henry Harper to provide records of use of Harper land for motorcycling, as per the minute of Withiel Council in December 2012. Henry Harper agreed to provide the records.

229/14 New Clerk. Cllr Coy said only one application had been received. The matter should be advertised in the Cornish Guardian. Proposed: Cllr Kirkby. Seconded: Cllr Shearer. Adopted unanimously.

230/14 Vacancy in the office of Parish Councillor in Withiel.

Cllr Coy informed the meeting that no applications for election had been received following the resignation of Richard Thomas and Cornwall Council had instructed Withiel Parish Council to fill the vacancy by co-option. He proposed that steps prescribed by statute for co-option be taken. Proposed Cllr Malone. Seconded Cllr Shearer. Adopted unanimously.

231/14 Footpaths

Two tenders were received for the maintenance work on the footpaths. The Council resolved to accept the lower tender, subject to the Hon Clerk carrying out the statutory checks. Proposed: Cllr Shearer. Seconded: Cllr Malone. Accepted unanimously.

232/14 To approve a revised version of Withiel Parish Council Financial Regulations based on the 2014 NALC template.

The Council read through the Financial Regulations and made a number of necessary amendments. Adoption proposed: Cllr Malone. Seconded: Cllr Shearer. Adopted unanimously.

233/14 Code of Conduct

The Chairman read sections of the Code of Conduct for councillors pertaining to personal conduct.

234/14 To consider the preparation of a Risk Assessment.

A risk assessment had been read at the previous meeting but no vote had been taken on adoption. Proposed Cllr Shearer. Seconded Cllr Nott Bower. Adopted unanimously

235/14 To consider the preparation of an Emergency Plan

The Parish is deemed to need an emergency response plan to cope with extreme bad weather or other abnormal occurrences. PCSO Thomas is to provide copies of other similar parishes’ emergency plans, after which Withiel Parish Council will form a sub-committee to work on the matter. Proposed Cllr Nott Bower, seconded Cllr Shearer. Adopted unanimously.

237 /14 REG Meeting

Cllr Shearer and Cllr Kirkby reported on a meeting with REG Windpower about community funds from the new turbines on St Breock Down. Many questions remain. It was agreed to write to REG Windpower seeking an assurance that Withiel Parish Council would be informed in advance of any future meetings.

238 /14 Neighbourhood Plan

Without committing the Parish to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, it was decided to circulate an initial questionnaire following a template suggested by Cornwall Council, and to study plans produced by other local parishes. Proposed Cllr Coy, Seconded Cllr Malone.

239 /14 Recording Machine

Tests are to be carried out with Cllr Coy’s iPod for recording purposes when Cllr Malone’s recording devices were unavailable.

240 /14 Finance

Financial year ended two days before the meeting; Cllr Coy reported that while the final figures had not been collated, the Parish Council was in good financial health. Full figures will be produced at the next meeting.

241 /14 To agree payment of CALC invoice 1415-212 (Subscription for 2014/15)

The year’s membership is £142.99. Payment proposed by Cllr Malone, seconded by Cllr Coy.

242 /14 Correspondence


243 /14 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting.


244/14 Any other business

Cllr Malone raised the issue of broadband provision in Withiel. Half the parish will be disadvantaged when Superfast Cornwall finishes its work; provisions other than fibre-optic broadband are envisaged for these homes and businesses. The Parish Council will keep abreast of the situation.

PCSO Thomas reported there had been no crime in the Parish.

244 /14 Date of next ordinary meetings: Wednesday 7th May, Wednesday 4th June, Wednesday 2nd July




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