Draft Minutes of the meeting of

Withiel Parish Council

held in the Village Hall

on Wednesday May 7

Present: Councillor Kirkby (Chair) Councillor Coy (Honorary Clerk) Councillor Shearer, Councillor Malone, Councillor Harper. PCSO Linda Thomas, plus seven members of the public. Apologies received from Councillor Nott Bower


The meeting commenced five minutes after the conclusion of the Annual Parish Meeting


245/14 Election of Chairman

Councillor Kirkby was re-elected as Chairman. Prposed Councillor Malone, Seconded Councillor Shearer. Accepted unanimously.


246/14 and 147/14 Election of Vice Chairman and apportionment of Councillors portfolios.

Councillor Kirkby proposed that this be postponed until a full council was sitting with a professional clerk. Seconded Councillor Shearer. Approved unanimously.


248/14: Attendance – as above.


249/14: Members declaration of interest and requests for dispensation: None.


250/14: Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting.

Sarah Newton stood to announce that she was available for co-option to the council. Born and raised in Ruthernbridge, she said she had decided to become proactive in local issues and felt her experience as a business manager in the NHS would serve the council and the people of Withiel.


251/14: Approval of the minutes of the meeting of April 2nd.

Approval proposed by Councillor Kirkby, seconded Councillor Shearer. Unanimous.


252: Matters arising from the April 2nd minutes.

Councillor Shearer showed photographs of the new bridge over the Ruthern at Tregawne. It was decided to write to Chris Monk at Cornwall Council expressing the council’s gratitude, and seeking to mark the opening of the bridge in some way.

Tony Liddicoat asked whether anyone ever used the bridge. Councillor Malone said he used it regularly and knew others who did, especially people at Lawellan. Henry Harper said the money would have been better spent on the roads.


253/14: Finance: Councillor Kirkby sought approval for the virement of funds from the excess of the clerk’s salary, with £530 to maintenance and repairs, £83 to playing fields to cover the extra rent we paid, and £27.60 to subscriptions to bring the figures into line. Proposed Councillor Malone, seconded Councillor Shearer. Approved unanimously.

Councillor Malone proposed that the same auditor we used last year be appointed auditor this year on the same terms. Seconded Councillor Harper. Approved unanimously.

The Honorary Clerk reported that the tender for the footpaths maintenance contract from Sam Chapman was the lowest, and Mr Chapman’s credentials checked out. Councillor Shearer proposed the contract be awarded to Mr Chapman. Seconded Councillor Harper. Approved unanimously.

Councillor Coy proposed the annual donation of £250 for News & Views be affirmed; seconded Councillor Shearer. Agreed unanimously.

Two cheques were signed, one for £404 for insurance, one for £250 for News & Views.

Approval was sought by Councillor Kirkby for the payment of £130 rent on the Village Hall. Prposed Councillor Shearer, seconded Councillor Malone. Approved unanimously.


25414: Neighbourhood planning. Councillor Kirkby produced a questionnaire to be circulated in the Parish on the issue of Neighbourhood Planning. This would be an initial step to establish whether there is any appetite in the Parish for the council to do this. She proposed that councillors study the questions and give their views at the next meeting. The questionnaire could be distributed with the News & Views; collection would be a matter for councillors walking from house to house


255/14: Bodmin Community Network panel. Councillor Shearer reported on a meeting of the panel in Blisland. Among the topics discussed was the future of the mobile library service, which was under cost-cutting pressure and was used by fewer than 2,000 people in Cornwall at a cost of £600 per user per year. In Withiel, the fortnightly visit of the library van was attended by an average of 1.85 people. A number of alternatives were mooted, including distribution of books by post from a catalogue, or the provision of stocks of books for local use in places like Withiel Village Hall.

Tony Liddicoat said that years ago the Parish Council had taken responsibility for the phone box opposite the Village Hall with the idea of shelving it and putting in books for anyone to borrow. Nothing had been done about it. Mr Liddicoat agreed to ascertain the status of the box.


256/14: Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting: None.


257/14: Dates of the next three meetings were given as Wednesday June 4th, Wednesday July 2nd, and Wednesday August 6th.


The Chairman thanked those members of the public who had attended. The Council then went into closed session to discuss co-option of councillors and the employment of a clerk.


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