Members of Withiel Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend:

Withiel Parish Council Meeting

Village Hall

Wednesday, 3rd September 2014 at 7.15 pm

Members of the Parish and Public are invited to attend


307/14 Attendance. Apologies from Cllr Coy – unavoidable absence due to prior military


308/14 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations.

309/14 To approve the minutes of the meeting of 6th August 2014

310/14 Invitation to address the meeting: Cllr Batters Cornwall Council, PCSO Linda Thomas,

Members of the public.

311/14 To consider matters arising from minutes of 6th August which are not agenda items below.

312/14 Finance

a) To approve issue of cheque number 100497 in favour of Agave Landscaping in the sum of £200,

to replace cheque number100495, per minute 291/14, which has been misplaced. Also to sign a

stopped cheque instruction to HSBC Bank in respect of cheque number 100495.

b) To approve issue of cheque number 100499 in favour of Parish Clerk in respect of two months

salary plus expenses, not to exceed £325. To be paid from Clerk’s precept.

313/14 Footpaths

a) To report the walking of the paths during August per minute 301/14. Page 1 of 2.

314/14 To consider the future use of Telephone Box. Revisit prior plans and consider alternative


315/14 Public Access Defibrillator for Withiel provided by FLEET. To consider making budgetary

provision for its financing and ongoing costs either directly, or by sponsoring a suitable fund-raising


316/14 Planning

a) Application PA14/04165 – Applicant: Mr & Mrs E Harper

Location – The Barns Withielgoose Farmhouse Withiel Bodmin PL30 5NW. Proposal – Conversion

of traditional stone built barns to 2 residential dwellings

b) Application PA14/07518 – Applicant: Via agent

Location –Unit 10 Cornish Gateway Services Victoria Roche St Austell Cornwall PL26 8UF

Proposal – Installation of a 600W Micro Wind Turbine with an overall height of 5 metres

317/14 Correspondence –Including Mr Dan Rogerson’s offer to attend WPC October meeting.

318/14 Invitation of members of the public to address the meeting.

319/14 Dates of next normal meetings 1st October 2014, 5th November 2014 and 3rd December.


Robin Turner

Parish Clerk 27th August 2014


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