Draft Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 3rd

September 2014, starting at 7:15pm.

307/14 Attendance Cllr Kirkby (Chair) Cllr Shearer, Cllr Harper, Cllr Nott-Bower Cllr Cubitt. Also

present: County Councillor Chris Batters, Parish Clerk R Turner and three members of the public.

Apologies received from Cllr Coy (Prior military commitment) and Cllr Malone (Business

commitment abroad)

308/14 Declarations of interest and requests for dispensations: Cllr Harper declared his interest in agenda item 316/14 (a) and agreed to withdraw from the meeting whilst this item was tabled.

309/14 Approval of the minutes of the Withiel Parish Council meeting of August 6th, 2014.

Proposed Cllr Nott-Bower, seconded Cllr Cubitt, passed unanimously.

310/14 Invitations to address the meeting.

Cornwall County Councillor Chris Batters gave a report covering the following:

-Confirmed Ruthern Bridge will be closed 13th October 2014 for essential repair work

-He has sent an email to the county planning officer in respect of recent planning

applications relating to Great Brynn Farm to request that there is no further progress without

reference to Withiel Parish Council. He had also received an email from a member of the

public who reported that ground works in connection with a pending planning application at

Great Brynn Farm had already commenced. He acknowledged that whilst this may be the

case, the county planning enforcement team are unlikely to become involved before the

planning application has been decided. If the application is eventually refused, then

enforcement would then look into the matter. There was no apparent recourse at this time.

-An email had been received from Jason Drew, county Environmental Protection Officer,

that reported reversing vehicle alarm noise was much reduced of late. The complainant

stated he would continue to monitor the position and if it became an issue in the future,

Jason Drew has agreed to prioritise providing noise monitoring equipment.

– Damage to Whitehay Bridge was acknowledged and scheduled to be repaired by Cormac.

311/14 Matters arising from the minutes of 6th August and are not agenda items below:

  • Cllr Shearer read Cllr Malone’s report dated 28th August 2014 following a meeting with

super fast Broadband consultants regarding the delivery of the service to the areas of Withiel

which are currently blighted. In summary , the funding of a fibre optic service is the issue

and therefore in the short term alternative solutions are being sought for consideration.

  • Cllr Kirkby requested that the recovery of the public consultation questionnaires on

Neighbourhood Planning circulated to the Parish during August was commenced week

ending 6th September and be carried out by the councillors. Cllr Kirkby volunteered to

collate the results.

312/14 Finance: Cllr Kirkby confirmed the bank balance to be £3021.98 credit

-To approve issue of cheque number 100497 in favour of Agave Landscaping in the sum of

£200,to replace cheque number100495, per minute 291/14, which has been misplaced. Also

to sign a stopped cheque instruction to HSBC Bank in respect of cheque number 100495.

Proposed Cllr Nott-Bower, seconded Cllr Shearer – vote unanimous

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-To approve issue of cheque number 100499 in favour of Parish Clerk in respect of two

months salary plus expenses, not to exceed £325. To be paidrom clerk’s precept. Proposed Cllr

Nott-Bower, seconded Cllr Shearer – vote unanimous.

313/14 Footpaths

– Cllr Kirkby invited Cllr Shearer and the rest of the councillors, including herself, to report their

findings having walked the parish footpaths during August. The relevant issues were discussed and

the information gathered by Cllr Shearer to ensure the paths under the Parish Councils’ remit are

maintained to order and that the local landowners are also contacted, as necessary, to advise them of

their obligations where way markers, stiles and gates need attention.

314/14 To consider the future use of the Parish telephone box.

It was discussed that the prior suggestion of using it as a library may not be sustainable as in wet

weather the books may degrade. Alternative suggestions were sale, relocation to school playground

and to carry out further research and report back to a future meeting for further deliberation.

315/14 Public Access Defibrillator for Withiel provided by FLEET. To consider making a budgeted

provision for its financing and ongoing costs either directly, or by sponsoring a suitable fund-raising

Full discussion centred around the proposal of installing a defibrillator at the village hall with the

telephone line and router required for ongoing online monitoring of the device. Costs are estimated

at £300 per annum monitoring fee plus telephone line rental and ISP subscription.

No decision was made but the council was in full agreement to the concept and providing funding

within the 2015 precept. ,subject to the other Parish stakeholders, being the Church and Village Hall

Trustees, participation in the scheme.

316/14 Planning

a) Application PA14/04165 – Applicant: Mr & Mrs E Harper

Location – The Barns, Withielgoose Farmhouse, Withiel, Bodmin PL30 5NW. Proposal:

Conversion of traditional stone built barns to 2 residential dwellings.

Cllr Harper withdrew from the meeting during the discussion of this item. There were no issues or

objections raised and the council’s approval was proposed by Cllr Shearer and seconded by Cllr

Cubitt – vote, unanimous.

b) Application PA14/07518 – Applicant: Via agent

Location –Unit 10 Cornish Gateway Services Victoria Roche St Austell Cornwall PL26 8UF

Proposal – Installation of a 600W Micro Wind Turbine with an overall height of 5 metres.

There were no specific issues or objections raised other than by Cllr Nott- Bower who considered

the scheme to be contrary to its intention by probably having an adverse environmental carbon

impact. The councils approval was proposed by Cllr Kirkby and seconded by Cllr Harper – vote 4

to 1 in agreement, Cllr Nott-Bower against.

317/14 Correspondence:

-Email from MP Dan Rogerson’s office received following WPC meeting 6th August 2014 offering

to attend the October meeting to discuss general matters arising including planning applications. His

invitation has been formally accepted and it was agreed that the agenda for this meeting will be

formalised to accommodate his attendance to allow maximum benefit of his time for both the

councillors and members of the public in attendance.

Letter received from Planning and Enterprise Service read by Cllr Kirkby re Great Brynn Farm

confirming Cllr Batters report noted above.

-Email received from county advising of an Intention to issue a temporary road closure order for the


Location: Road From Junction South East Of Lower Grogley To Ruthernbridge, Ruthernbridge,

Bodmin &Road From Ruthernbridge To Penmenoth, Ruthern, Bodmin

Timing: 20th to 31st October 2014 (24 hours, weekends included)

Reason: repairs to damaged bridge.

More information has been requested including proposals for diversions etc.

-Email and business plan received from Mr & Mrs S Rolfe regarding their proposal to purchase land at Withielgoose, to establish a CIC (Community Interest Company) trading as a counselling,

psychotherapy and environmentally-friendly Centre designed to help vulnerable (at-risk) men,

women and young people. They wish to position their scheme with the council ahead of any

planning application and it was agreed to invite them to the WPC November meeting as members of the public to allow them to put forward their proposals personally.

318 /14 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting.

Without prior notice or reference, as a member of the public in attendance, Mr John Partridge

requested that the minutes of the August meeting, at which he was also present, be amended in

respect of item 298/14. He stated that he was misquoted in the August minutes and did not

comment on the ongoing issue of vehicles reversing at Great Brynn Farm. Cllr Kirkby agreed to

consider his request and this will now be an agenda item at full council meeting as soon as possible,

to allow all members to consider the circumstances.

319/14 Date of next ordinary meetings: Wednesday 1st October, Wednesday 5th November &

Wednesday December 3rd 2014.

It was discussed that it may be difficult to raise a quorum on Wednesday 5th November and it was

therefore proposed by Cllr Nott-Bower and seconded by Cllr Harper that the November meeting be

postponed one week to 12th November 2014. Vote – 4 in favour with Cllr Cubitt abstaining.

The chairman closed the meeting at 9.02pm and thanked all those who had attended.


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