Draft Minutes

of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council

held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 12th

November 2014

starting at 7:20 pm

after the reading of some parish notices including a tribute and minute’s silence led by Cllr Coy to the late Ivan Martyn, an ex councillor and parish clerk .

332/14 Attendance Cllr Kirkby (Chair) Cllr Shearer, Cllr Harper, Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy. Cllr Malone, Cllr Nott-Bower. Also present: PCSO Linda Thomas, County Councillor Chris Batters, Parish Clerk R Turner and ten members of the public.

333/14 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations. None.

334/14 Invitation to address the meeting: Cllr Batters Cornwall Council, PCSO Linda Thomas, Members of the public.

PCSO Linda Thomas gave a report covering the following:

Crime figures from 1st August 2014 to date were 2 burglaries and 1 theft all under continuing investigation. In November month to date one ASBO issued.

The ongoing issue of riding motorcycles in Cork Woods is now considered to be under control with all concerned working together as a community to ensure no undue disturbance is caused going forward.

Issues to the access and ownership of the woods was clarified within the meeting, with reference to maps and land registry documents again to assist the avoidance of dispute in the future.

Cornwall County Councillor Chris Batters gave a report covering the following:

Ruthern bridge work completed and access reopened without too much disruption reported.

He also requested that members of the public come forward with any issues they felt he could assist with and they would also be taken forward to the appropriate level for resolution, if possible with feedback via the parish council or direct to the parishioners.

Councillor Malone reminded Cllr Batters that £16m had been allocated for further wind turbine development throughout Cornwall and that to play down the potential impact or dispute the fact, was in no ones interest. Cllr Batters was clear that this matter should be referred to the executive at county level who has responsibility for renewable energy if there is a need to seek further clarification of intent.

Councillor Batters left the meeting to go to a further engagement.

At this point the Chairman observed that Cllr Harper was recording the meeting for his own benefit and took issue that he had not declared his action. Cllr Harper stated that he had done this on prior occasion with the councils knowledge. The chairman reminded him that he had been requested to disclose his intentions on prior occasion and requested that any wish to record subsequent meetings must be disclosed and duly noted.

335/14 To approve the minutes of the meeting of 1st October 2014. Proposed Cllr Shearer and seconded Cllr Cubitt – vote unanimous.

336/14 To sign amended minutes of August meeting following amendment of minute item number 298/14 to remove the reference to Mr John Partridge. Proposed Cllr Malone and seconded Cllr Shearer – vote unanimous.

337/14 To consider matters arising from minutes of 1st October which are not agenda items below.


338/14 Finance

The Chairman reported the council’s bank balance at the close of business 11th November 2014 to be £5256.80

To approve issue of cheque number 100500 in favour of Agave Landscaping in respect of footpath maintenances. To be paid from footpath precept budget. Proposed Cllr Shearer and seconded Cllr Malone Vote unanimous.

At this stage of the meeting Cllr Coy declared his interest in the following agenda item in his role as Trustee and committee member of Withiel Village Hall, the PCC and also with his involvement on sourcing the defibrillator for the community.

To approve issue of cheque no. 100501 in favour of Withiel defibrillator fund, per minute 315/14 in the sum of £150 following the council’s full agreement to the concept to provide funding within the 2015 precept. This donation can be brought forward to be paid from precept budget, where savings have been identified in respect of the planned annual audit fee. Proposed Cllr Shearer and seconded Cllr Malone – vote unanimous.

Cllr Coy requested that the council give consideration to a donation of £20 in favour of the Royal British Legion remembrance appeal and it was agreed that this item would go forward to the December agenda for final agreement.

339/14 Emergency Neighbourhood Plan – To consider and agree a timetable for producing a plan. It was agreed that a plan would be drafted with the yet to be requested help of key volunteers to incorporate contingency planning in the event of severe weather, major accident, fire, medical epidemic and animal disease outbreak. To be developed and presented back to the next meeting. Proposed Cllr Shearer and seconded Cllr Malone – vote unanimous.

340/14 Planning

a)To discuss a pre planning application submitted by Mr & Mrs Webster details of which have been made available to the Council. The Chairman reported that a site visit by herself, Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy, Cllr Harper and Cllr Shearer had been undertaken. As a result she advised that the council would support the application as proposed should the applicants decide to proceed. It was advised that a planning consultant was being employed and Cllr Coy stated that in his opinion this was wise given the nature of the proposal.

341/14Complaints Against Withiel Parish Councillors

To place on record the outcome of the Monitoring Officer’s investigations of Patrick Malone and Janet Shearer following the 15 Code of Conduct complaints by Richard Thomas. Cllr Malone reported that all complaints against himself and Cllr Shearer had been rejected by the monitoring officer and an appeal by Mr Thomas had also been rejected. The Chairman read out a letter dated 30th October 2014 from Mr Thomas referring to minute no. 178/14 and quoting a portion of the monitoring officer’s report. Cllr Malone read out other extracts of the report. The full documentation can be read on the Cornwall Council website.

342/14 Wireless Broadband

To consider any details and background information received from Mr R O Thomas following his written offer to do so, received by the Council 1st October 2014. The Chairman deferred this item to minute no.344/14.

343/14 Footpaths

To ensure copy cutting schedules and invoices from preferred contractor are supplied to facilitate claim for £265 for 2014 Natural England Grant via County.

All documentation is now received to apply for £265 grant via county. The clerk is to progress the claim.

344/14 Correspondence

– Cllr Shearer reported on Bodmin Community Network AGM which centred on the Cornwall Council cost saving of £196m which must be made over the next 4 years. Responsibility for provision of some services will be devolved to the town and parish councils, but to date no funding has been identified. A rise in council tax of 1.97% is under consideration but proves to be insufficient to cover the required forecast expenditure. Therefore the next steps are to identify how sustainable funding can be obtained and some other options being investigated are grants and contribution from the private commercial sector.

– Letter dated 3rd November 2014 from Cornwall Council planning department in respect to consultee comment re planning application no. PA14/06190 (see minute no. 303/140), stating the application is being progressed under normal protocol. The clerk is to reply citing prior Environmental Officer visits undertaken by the council earlier this year with regard to effluent running off this site and potentially harming water sources (3 boreholes and a surface well) and also adversely affecting the soil quality to fields across the carriageway that is adjacent to the subject site.

– Cllr Coy had received outline details of a proposed High Speed Broadband service to benefit Withiel which he read to the meeting. A community working group will be set up to develop a detailed specification and also to look at similar schemes which are currently operating upon which the Withiel scheme could be based.

345/14 Invitation of members of the public to address the meeting. None

346/14 Dates of next normal meetings 3rd December 2014, 7th January 2015 and 4th February 2015.

The chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 pm and thanked all those attending.



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