Draft minutes of the meeting of

Withiel Parish Council

held at the Village Hall on

Wednesday 7th January 2015,

which opened at 7:15 pm after the Chairman had paid tribute to the late Mrs Katherine Liddicoat.

1/15 Attendance: Cllr Kirkby (Chair) Cllr Shearer, Cllr Harper, Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy, Cllr Malone.

Cllr Nott-Bower. Also present: County Councillor Batters, PCSO Linda Thomas, Parish Clerk

R Turner and two members of the public.


2/15 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations. None.


3/15 Invitation to address the meeting: Cllr Batters, Cornwall Council, PCSO Linda Thomas,

members of the public.

County Cllr Batters reported no issues pertaining to Withiel in the last month and reflected upon the last 12 months where he was complimentary of the way that Withiel Parish Council had worked closely with himself and the County Council to resolve issues.

He did report that there had been complaints from councillors elsewhere about policing and that he had written a report to the Police in this regard. He was attending a meeting 8th January 2015 at County Hall where the Police were expected to attend and give their reply.

Cllr Kirkby asked Cllr Batters to continue to liaise with the County to ensure all necessary highway repairs were reported and remedial works instructed to Cormac. He confirmed he would continue to be proactive in his responses.

PCSO Linda Thomas reported nil crime within the Parish of Withiel, since her last report to the December meeting.

A member of the public in attendance raised a question regarding the use of the new development at Great Brynn Barton Farm which borders the road, and also asked what was being done regarding the large potholes on the public roadside at the entrance to this property. Cllr Kirkby advised she had written to the County Council regarding the potholes and was yet to receive a full  reply. County Cllr Batters advised that, should the use of the new development, once completed, fall outside of the agreed planning permission, then a formal notice should be sent to the County Planning Enforcement Office for their enquiry. He suggested that this come from Withiel Parish Council and Cllr Shearer invited the member of the public raising this question to put something in writing at the appropriate time in order that the matter could be progressed formally, if deemed  necessary. Cllr Kirkby requested that a review of this discussion takes place and be added as an agenda item for the Parish Council’s February meeting.

Cllr Kirkby then advised that standing orders were now in operation and County Cllr Batters left the meeting.

4/15 To approve the minutes of the meeting of 3rd December 2014. Proposed Cllr Malone and seconded Cllr Shearer, vote in favour – unanimous.

5/15 To consider matters arising from minutes of 3rd December which are not agenda items below. None.

6/15 Footpaths

To approve the issue of invitations to past contractors employed by Withiel Parish Council for quotations for 2015 footpath cutting schedule and to place an advertisement in the Withiel News and Views. Cllr Shearer asked that consideration be given to inviting quotations for this year’s footpath cutting contract and whether a longer term contract be offered to a contractor. Cllr Coy suggested that a three-year fixed price contract, with the option for the contractor to charge for additional work as required, would be mutually beneficial.

Cllr Kirkby proposed the three year option, seconded Cllr Nott-Bower. Vote in favour – unanimous.

To report on Cllr Shearer’s meeting with the local ramblers group.

Cllr Shearer advised she attended the Camel Valley Ramblers Group recent AGM with Cllr Kirkby and that the group reported that Withiel footpath maintenance was of a higher standard than most.

To approve writing to landowners requesting permission to place footpath marker signs (as provided by Cormac Solutions Ltd) on paths within the boundaries of their property. Proposed Cllr Kirkby, seconded Cllr Malone. Vote in favour – unanimous.

7/15 Neighbourhood plan

To discuss the way forward and to approve a meeting of interested parties on 4th Feb at 6.00pm prior to the normal monthly meeting. Cllr Kirkby gave an update of her progress in moving this project forward and Cllr Coy suggested the assistance or employment of a qualified consultant. Cllr Nott-Bower advised that he will approach such a consultant and liaise with Cllr Kirkby in due course. Cllr Kirkby confirmed the meeting for 4th February 2015 as previously arranged.

8/15 Kerriers Solar Farm S106 payment.

To discuss the grant forms now available and to discuss any potential projects to fund. Cllr Kirkby introduced a formal application template for grants in respect of community based projects that could benefit from funds totalling £35,000 being held on behalf of Withiel Parish Council by Cornwall Council. Cllr Coy advised that the trustees of Withiel Village Hall would be submitting an application as soon as possible. He provided some information, indicative costings and gave an outline of the scheme as set out by the trustees. Cllr Harper raised a question with regard to how the scheme had, thus far, been costed and priced. Cllr Coy invited Cllr Harper to join the Village Hall committee for this project in order it may benefit from his skills and knowledge.

Cllr Nott-Bower left the meeting at this point (8.03pm)

9/15 Correspondence – Nil.

The Chairman suspended standing orders.

10/15 Invitation of members of the public to address the meeting. None.

11/15 Dates of next normal meetings confirmed as 4th February 2015, 4th March 2015 and 1st April.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.06pm and thanked all those who had attended.


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