Draft Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th February 2015, which opened at 7:15 pm with the Chairman thanking all present for attending.

12/15 Attendance: Present – Cllr Kirkby (Chair) Cllr Shearer, Cllr Harper, Cllr Cubitt,Cllr Malone and Cllr Nott-Bower.

Apology received from Cllr Coy who was out of the country on a prior engagement.

Also in attendance: County Councillor Batters, PCSO Linda Thomas, Parish Clerk R Turner and four members of the public.

13/15. Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations. Cllr Harper advised he was recording the meeting for his own benefit and Cllr Malone confirmed the meeting was being recorded by the council.

14/15. Invitation to address the meeting: Cllr Batters Cornwall Council, PCSO Linda Thomas, Members of the public.

County Cllr Batters reported on the counties finances after the Prime Minister had recently stated that Cornwall Council had £200m in reserves. Cllr Batters advised that funds were earmarked and committed for specific projects, not for general Cornwall Council use. It had £17m of reserves held for schools, the Tamar Bridge, Port of Penryn and Port of Truro; £64m in long term commitments for assets like school buildings and other projects; £37m held to deliver specific projects funded by central government; £9m for one off costs related to cutting the county budget by £196m; and £5m held for insurance purposes. He confirmed the true reserve is in the region of £42m and illustrated the need to retain funds for unforseens, citing last winters (2013/14) county wide storm damage repair costs to be in excess of £30m.

Cllr Batters also reported that the planning application localism initiative involved significant costs last year, circa £0.5m, where the county opposed 33% of all applications in 2014. Cllr Nott-Bower challenged him as to how worried the county was with regard to the cost of associated legal bills and Cllr Batters then explained the current process and issues that arise when a declined application is appealed.

PCSO Linda Thomas reported nil crime within the Parish of Withiel, since her last report to the January 2015 meeting.

A member of the public in attendance, Anna Hoyle, thanked the Parish Council and people of Withiel for their help and support after the devastating fire at her property.

A member of the public in attendance, David Horne, reported that apparently unstable trees are threatening the new footbridge at Lawellan; Cllr Kirkby and Cllr Shearer advised they would inspect the property. Cllr Batters advised that it’s the landowners responsibility to seek permission for topping, if necessary.

15/15. To approve the minutes of the meeting of 7th January 2015. Proposed Cllr Malone and seconded Cllr Shearer, vote – unanimous.

16/15. To consider matters arising from minutes of 7th January 2015 which are not agenda items below.

Footpaths per minute 6/15. It was agreed that the clerk will liaise with contractors quoting for the 2015 LMP cutting contract and also with landowners with regard to requesting permission to place footpath marker signs within the boundary of their property.

17/15. Discuss gritting and salting of the parish roads. It was acknowledged that it was unlikely that the Parish roads would be treated by the county due to budgeting constraints. However, it was felt that in the absence of local amenities in Withiel that there was a case to be considered by the county and Cllr Kirkby agreed to raise the issue at the next Bodmin Community Network meeting on 9th February 2015.

The clerk will consider and research the compliance issues, should the Parish be forced to make its own arrangements.

County Cllr Batters left the meeting.

18/15. Neighbourhood Plan. To discuss the way forward after the meeting with interested parties on 4th February 2015. Cllr Kirkby read a draft letter to be sent to the Strategic Planning Committee at Cornwall Council, outlining that Withiel Parish Council is the body taking this matter forward, Cllr Cubitt suggested an amendment, which was noted.

Cllr Kirkby advised she had been successful in obtaining a grant from the Community Development Fund in the sum of £474 for start up costs connected with the plan and that these funds would be paid directly into the Parish Council’s bank account.

Cllr Nott-Bower recommended that the councillors look at the St Minver plan, which he had researched and found it held value to assist the Withiel exercise.

19/15. To discuss the S106 funded grant requests and applications. Cllr Kirkby advised that two applications had been received. One from the Ruthern Valley Players, a local theatre group seeking £500 for a scheme costing £1,000 and the other from Withiel Playing Fields Association for £10,000 for a scheme costing £32,000. At this point of the meeting Cllr Shearer declared her interest in both bodies applying and left the room.

Cllr Kirkby invited the Council to vote to progress both applications.

The Ruthern Valley Players application was proposed by Cllr Kirkby and seconded by Cllr Malone. Vote was 5 in favour and 1 against.

The Withiel Playing Fields Association application was proposed by Cllr Malone and seconded by Cllr Nott-Bower. Vote – unanimous.

Cllr Kirkby then invited Cllr Shearer to rejoin the meeting.

20/15. To discuss the proposal of a free lending library to be established in the Village Hall. Cllr Shearer proposed that consideration be given to replacing the mobile library service that no longer serves the Parish. The matter was discussed and it was decided that a scheme may be eligible for grant funding from the S106 pot and was not a Parish Council responsibility.

21/15. To approve issue of cheque no 100503 in the sum of £656.84 for clerk’s salary. Approval proposed by Cllr Malone and seconded by Cllr Shearer. Vote unanimous.

22/15. Correspondence.

-Super-fast broadband- letter received from Access Cornwall. No further action required.

-CALC Audit & Finance Conference 2nd April 2015

-Notification of Intention to issue a temporary Road Closure Order – Road from junction NE of Highfurze to Burlorne Tregoose 23rd-27th March 2015 – purpose of water pipe renewal works.

-CALC Newsletter dated 30/1/2015, including details of a clerks Minute taking training day on Friday 6th February 2015. The clerk stated his attendance would be to the benefit of his personal development. The chairman asked members to support this from the training precept and to be an agenda item at the March meeting, which was proposed by Cllr Harper and seconded by Cllr Cubitt, vote unanimous.

-Cornwall ANOB Annual Conference to be held at Royal Cornwall Show ground, Wadebridge 7th March 2015.

-Chacewater Parish Council ‘Call for Change’ details of meeting at Kingsley Village, Fraddon 11th February 2015.

23/15 Invitation of members of the public to address the meeting. None.

24/15 Dates of next normal meetings confirmed as, 4th March 2015, 1st April 2015 and 6th May


The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm.



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