Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th November 2015, which opened at 7:15 pm with Cllr Shearer welcoming and thanking all present for attending.

149/15  Attendance: Present – Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Harper, Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Nott-Bower, Cllr Malone and Cllr Coy.

Also in attendance: Parish clerk R Turner and eight members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Kirkby (ill health), PCSO Crocker and Cornwall Cllr Batters.

150/15  Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations: None.

151/15   Invitation to address the meeting:

Mr Paul Bateman made himself known as agent for Mr & Mrs Webster’s planning application PA15/08362 to be dealt with under minute no. 155/15 and positioned his clients proposal.

Mrs Ann Martin requested that consideration be given to site a memorial bench within the playing fields in memory of Mr Ivan Martin. Cllr Coy agreed to take action to progress the plan as soon as possible.

Mrs J Pentland spoke with regard to the poor condition or non-existence, through loss, of road sign-age within the Parish. Cllr Shearer advised that this issue was being attended to as part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and action will be taken to restore adequate and visible sign-age.

In her absence PCSO Crocker submitted a written report which stated the Police had received two reports of motorbikes being ridden on footpaths and that other agencies are also being involved in the matter. Secondly, there had been a third hand report of an assult, but no complaint had been made by the aggrieved person.

In his absence Cllr Batters submitted a written report which stated the Police are involved with the container issue that exists at Withiel turn and that if anyone sees containers on the road at that location, to advise him immediately and if possible with photographic evidence.  Secondly, he advised that the enforcement officer would attend the next Network Meeting for a Q&A session.

152/15  To approve the minutes of the meeting of 7th October 2015.
Approval proposed by Cllr Coy, seconded Cllr Nott-Bower – vote unanimous.

153/15  To consider matters arising from minutes of 7th October 2015 which are not agenda items below. None.

154/15  Finance matters:
– Approval of accounts payable as per schedule.
1) Cornwall Council/SSE Lighting £740.34 – S106 Grant to Withiel Parish Council re Street
Light Collector. Chq No 100525
2) Cornwall Council £50 – Planning Conference Fee. Chq No 100526
3) Royal British Legion £20 – S137 Donation. Chq No 100527
Payments proposed by Cllr Cubitt and seconded by Cllr Nott-Bower – vote unanimous.
– Finance officers report.
Cllr Coy reported the WPC financial plan was on track and in line with the budget precept and with no issues or concern’s. He also advised the members that he had received correspondence with regard to the clerks’ PAYE situation and that a refund of overpaid tax was due and HMRC would be advising WPC of the details in due course.

155/15  Planning:  To consider and approve a comment for the planning application listed below.
-PA15/08362. Construction of a new dwelling to small adjacent listed Railway Carriage to allow second generation of family to provide care. Swindon Villa Kerriers Road Inchs Bodmin PL30 5LR.
Validated 27 October 2015.
Application fully discussed and found to be without any issues or concerns. Cllr Malone proposed
the agreement with the application, seconded Cllr Shearer – vote unanimous.

-PA15/09392. Amended design to approved application PA12/06579 for the erection of a single detached dwelling. Land adjacent to Ti Anao Withiel Bodmin PL30 5NN. Validated 19 October 2015.
Application fully discussed and Cllr Coy proposed a vote against the scheme for the reasons of restricted access, size of dwelling proposed and unneighbourly development. seconded by Cllr Harper – vote unanimous.

156/15  Planning:  To report planning decisions of the planning authority.
PA15/07323 Proposal: Proposed extension and refurbishment . Location:Eden Vale And Jasmine CottageRoad From Kerriers Road To Tremorebridge Lanivet Bodmin Cornwall . Applicant: Mr D Harris – APPROVED

157/15  Ruthern Bridge
Cllr Shearer suggested that she liaise with County Cllr Batters, Lanlivet and St Breock Parish Council’s and agree a site meeting with all interested official parties, in an attempt to seek solutions to reduce impact damage to the bridge .

158/15  Criminal Record Checks for Parish Council Members
A discussion was held as to the relevance and need of such checks for the members of WPC. The clerk will provide further information after research and reference, at a future meeting, as a result of the discussion.

159/15 Motorbike Noise
Cllr Coy stated there was clear guidance in place as to how the reporting of incidents should be made to the Police, via Sergeant Andy Stewart and the local Environmental Officer, Mr Jason Drew.

160/15  Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Malone gave feedback on two recent meetings which centred on the need to observe the provision of housing stock requirements in line with Government policy.

161/15 Bodmin Community Network Meeting
Cllr Shearer gave a full report of the meeting held 14th October

162/15  Correspondence: None.

163/15  Invitation of members of the public to address the meeting.

164/15  Advise dates of next normal meetings as being 2nd December 2015, 6th January 2016 & 3rd February 2016.
Dates confirmed but Cllr Coy proposed an extraordinary meeting to be held 11th November 2015 to discuss time critical applications made for funding from the Community Benefit Contribution held by Cornwall Council on behalf of Withiel Parish Council. Seconded Cllr Shearer – vote unanimous.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40 pm, once again thanking all those who had attended.
Cllr J R Shearer
11th November 2015


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