Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 6th April 2016, which opened at 7:15 pm with Cllr Shearer welcoming and thanking all present for attending

Present: Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy, Cllr Nott-Bowert & Cllr Malone.

Also present: County Cllr Chris Batters and two members of the public.

Absent: Cllr Harper

45/16 Apologies for absence: Cllr Hoyle (abroad), Clerk (annual leave). Apology also received from PCSO Crocker.

46/16 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations: None.

47/16 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting:

County Cllr Batters reported upon the village sign posts and the current position of the proposed repairs to Ruthern Bridge.

A member of the public raised the issue of flooding around Withiel Mill.

Cllr Batters left the meeting.

48/16 To approve the minutes of the meeting of 2nd March 2016.

Cllr Malone proposed to approve the minutes of the meeting of 2nd March 2016, seconded by Cllr Shearer. It was resolved to approve the minutes of the 2nd March 2016.

49/16 To consider matters arising from minutes of 2nd March 2016 which are not agenda items below.

Cllr Cubitt reported on the initial disbursement of the St Breock Community Fund.

50/16 Finance matters.

This item was deferred to the next full Parish Council meeting.

51/16 Planning: To consider and approve a comment for the planning application listed below and any others received prior to the evening of the meeting.


52/16 Planning: To report planning decisions of the planning authority received prior to the evening of the meeting.

Cllr Shearer reported the following approved decision:

PA15/12085. Proposal – Application for approval of reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following outline approval for one dwelling PA15/08382 dated 3/11/15.

Location: Tregawne Farm, Withiel. Applicant: Mr & Mrs MP Cherry and JA Cherry.

53/16 Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Cllr Cubitt gave a report updating the progress of the plan.

54/16 To receive a report of the 2016 CALC AGM held 11th March 2016.

Cllr Shearer gave a report of the meeting.

55/16 To consider the introduction of speed limits within the village.

After lengthy discussion it was clear more information was needed to take any action and Cllr Malone agreed to report back to a future meeting.

56/16 Correspondence. (For information only)

-Graveyard – Cllr Coy advised he had been advised of limitations for further local burials and that the matter would be brought to a future Parish Council meeting.

-Bus Shelter – Cllr Cubitt read a letter from N& J Liddicoat detailing comprehensive suggestions for the provision of facilities in the village which did not involve the alteration of the existing shelter.

57/16 Invitation of members of the public to address the meeting.


58/16 Advise dates of next normal meetings as being 4th May 2016, 1st June 2016 & 6th July 2016 .

It was confirmed that that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held at 6pm on 4th May 2016 followed by the Annual Council Meeting starting at 7.15pm. The dates for the June 2016 and July 2016 full council meetings were also confirmed.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 8.30pm and once again thanked all those present for attending.


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