Draft Minutes of the Annual meeting of Withiel Parish held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th May 2016, which opened at 6:15 pm and Cllr Shearer welcomed all present.

Present – Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy, Cllr Nott-Bower & Cllr Hoyle. Apologies Cllr Malone, Cornwall Cllr Chris Batters and Sgt. Andy Stewart. Also in attendance: Parish Clerk, R Turner and four members of the public.

1/16. Reports from Organisations in the Parish:

a. The Parish Church of St Clement Withiel.

Cllr Simon Coy delivered the report on behalf of Rev. Elke Deeley, who he explained is on an extended leave of absence due to her husband’s ill health. He reported that the church was attended by 1642 people during 2015 and conducted four baptisms, two funerals but no marriages.

After detailing the application of funds including £3417 on a new sound system he reported the cash assets as at 31st December 2015 to be £6406.51including a loan of £3000. The general reserve fund stood at £1988.48 at 31st December 2015 and regrettably, short of the PCC guidance principle, to maintain six months unrestricted payments, which equates to £4072 to cover unforeseen events.

b. Withiel Playing Field Association.

Cllr Simon Coy’s report, which detailed the significant improvements and installations made to the Village Hall during the year including a new heating system, theatrical curtains, a dishwasher and the upholstering work carried out by an excellent team of volunteers. All these had been funded by successful grant applications and now put the hall in a very envied position of being one of the best in the county.

He advised that the pantomime had successfully raised £3785.

Future plans were revealed, to upgrade the interior lighting and replace the soffits to the exterior of the building.

c. Police Community Support Officer.

Sgt. Andy Stewart gave his apologies for not attending in person but sent a report that was delivered by Cllr Janet Shearer. Sixteen crimes were reported in and around Withiel in 2015 including three criminal damage, nine theft, three common assault and one fraud.

He advised of forthcoming changes in policing across the region and these will impact locally as the Devon & Cornwall force are tasked with implementing legacy cost savings of £10m by 2018, although no further financial cuts are expected thereafter. He advised local policing will be affected as a result of a diversion of resources required to tackle the changing social scene and to deal with national threats such as terrorism, child sexual exploitation and people trafficking.

At a rural level he cautioned there will be fewer resources and stressed the need for the general public to work with the force to be vigilant and report all crimes and suspicious circumstances so that crime patterns can be analysed and eradicated. He also stressed that no incident is considered insignificant in this regard.

d. Cornwall Council.

Cllr Janet Shearer delivered Cllr Chris Batters’ report, in which he highlighted the amount of time and effort spent in ensuring the maintenance of roads, lanes and highways during a prolonged period of adverse weather conditions as well as major improvement works to the A30 which have impacted locally.

On the matter of vehicle strikes to Ruthern Bridge, Cllr Batters advises he has spent time and effort on hard negotiation with the major stakeholders not only to effect structural changes to the approach to the bridge but also to install covert camera’s to monitor any future incident should it occur, which would allow legal action to be taken against the perpetrator for the costs involved in repairing the bridge.

He informed that he now sits on seven Cornwall Council committees and attended 190 meetings in the last twelve months. As such, he has gained a panoramic insight to the challenges facing Cornwall Council due to budget constraints and stressed the need for the public to work with him on issues, in order to elicit the optimum support from Cornwall Council.

e. Parish Council

Cllr Shearer delivered her report. She paid tribute to Sue Kirkby’s fortitude and generosity of spirit and how her death has affected us all so profoundly. Sue’s legacy of her hard work in commencing the new Neighbourhood Development Plan during 2015 is now being brought to a conclusion.

Cllr Shearer reported that Withiel is now benefiting from the St Breock Windfarm Community Fund in the sum of £7500 per annum for future projects. Also from the installation of a new street lighting system and an internet access in in the village hall, both of which were grant funded, from other sources, over the year, the latter making the public access defibrillator possible.

With the invaluable assistance of Cllr Batters the issues at Ruthern Bridge have been brought to the attention of Historic England and a long term solution to the repeated vehicular damage is now in the process of being finally agreed. She used this as one example of how Cllr Batters continually lends his support to Withiel and also called for members of the public to do likewise with their input at the Parish Council meetings and also with the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Finally, she advised that councillors attendance at meetings has been an impressive 85%.

f. Women’s Institute

Mrs Rosalind Coy’s report thanked the officers and committee members for their time and support in the year, which was special in WI terms, being its centenary year in the U.K. A celebratory baton travelled across the country and she was pleased to report local members also travelled with it, on the Bodmin & Wenford railway and also in Wadebridge, on a journey, which culminated in the Royal Albert Hall, to be presented to the Queen at the centenary conference. Mrs Coy was honoured to have represented Withiel at that event . She thanked the ten members who maintain a full committee, and reported that, in all, sixteen members regularly attend the monthly W. I.meeting in the Village Hall.

g. Any other reports


2/16. Members of the public are invited to address the Parish Meeting.

A member of the public raised the issue of road flooding just north of the Inches crossroads. Cllr Nott- Bower was able to advise that he had already reported and discussed this with County Cllr Batters and that a clear identification of remedial work had been made.

3/16. Date of the next Annual Parish Meeting: Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 6.51pm and thanked those present for attending.


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