Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th September 2016, which opened at 7:15 pm with Cllr Shearer welcoming and thanking all present for attending.

Present: Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Cubitt , Cllr Harper, Cllr Hoyle & Cllr Malone.

Also present: Parish Clerk, R Turner & two members of the public .

115/16 Apologies for absence:

Cllr Coy (prior engagement), Cllr Nott-Bower (business commitment), Cornwall Cllr Batters & PCSO Crocker.

116/16 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations:


117/16 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting:


118/16 To approve the minutes of the council meeting held on 3rd August 2016.

Cllr Shearer proposed to approve the minutes of the meeting of 3rd August 2016, seconded by Cllr Cubitt. It was resolved unanimously to approve the minutes of the 3rd August 2016.

119/16 To consider matters arising from minutes of 3rd August 2016 which are not agenda items below.


120/16 Finance matters.

Accounts payable as follows:

1) Grant Thornton (Audit Fee) £120 – chq no. 100551.

2) Agave Landscape Ltd (Footpath Cut) £318.05- chq no. 100552.

3) Clerks Net Salary £406.53 – chq no. 100553.

4) HMRC – PAYE re clerks salary £94.20 – chq no. 100554.

Cllr Shearer proposed these payments and Cllr Hoyle seconded and it was resolved by an unanimous vote to make these payments.

Responsible Finance Officers report.

The clerk advised that the Neighbourhood Development Plan grant spend to date is £305.60 gross therefore £2694.40 is left from original sum.

121/16 Planning: To consider and approve a consultee comment for the planning applications listed below.


122/16 Planning: To report planning decisions of the planning authority received prior to the evening of the meeting.

PA16/05554 Location: Unit 1, Silken Ladder, Victoria Square, Route of Old A30 Between Beacon Road and Victoria Interchange, Victoria, Roche. Proposal: The proposed development is for a change of use of the premises, to use class A5 (hot food and takeaway). APPROVED.

PA16/06318 Location: Wayside Cottage, Tregawne, Withiel, Bodmin. Proposal: Proposed extensions, alterations and garage conversion. Applicant: Mrs Emily Nott-Bower. APPROVED.

PA16/05119 Location: Gwynne Moor, Withiel, Bodmin, Cornwall. Proposal: Conversion and extension of barn to provide habitable accommodation to be used as holiday let. Installation of new septic tank within the garden connected to a soak-away. Applicant: Mr A Jones. APPROVED.

PA16/05483 Location: The Old Rectory, Withiel, Bodmin, Cornwall. Proposal: Listed building consent; Erection of outbuilding. Applicant; Mr Joseph Maguire. APPROVED.

123/16 Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

Cllr Cubitt reported that an amended draft of the NDP is in course of preparation and to be submitted to the steering group committee on 29th September 2016 upon the expiry of the public consultation period.

124/16 To discuss and if agreed, propose the format of support to St Breock Parish Council to further a review of the management of the R.E.G. Community Fund.

A discussion followed the distribution of a document received from the chair of St Breock Parish Council and it was generally agreed that insufficient detail had been received to define the support being requested and the clerk would to write to the Chair of St Breock Parish Council to request this detail and to present the reply to the October meeting of WPC.

125/16 To discuss and if agreed, propose the provision of support to Lanivet Parish Council at future Bodmin Area Network meetings.

The clerk advised that an invitation had been sent to all parishes concerned to attend a meeting at Lanivet village hall on 27th September 2016. Cllr’s Shearer and Hoyle volunteered to attend on behalf of Withiel, to gather further information and report to the October meeting of WPC.

126/16 To discuss and consider the installation of a passing bay on the road between Coddles and Withiel.

The clerk advised that all available information had now been passed to the county highways department and a quote for the work requested. In reply the highway’s manager has requested that the landowner be approached informally to discuss the matter before further action can be taken. Cllr Harper volunteered to make an approach to the landowner and will report back to a future meeting.

127/16 To review the remaining balance of the Kerriers Solar Farm Community Benefit Contribution held by Cornwall Council on behalf of Withiel Parish Council and consider a pending grant application in the sum of £1866.24 from Withiel Public Access Defibrillator, a restricted fund of Withiel Playing Fields Association.

The clerk advised that £15516.95 of this contribution had been spent to date and £19483.05 remains. The Withiel PAD application in the sum of £1866.24,was discussed and Cllr Malone proposed that it be approved and was seconded by Cllr Shearer.

It was resolved that a grant in the sum of £1866.24 to Withiel Public Access Defibrillator, a restricted fund of Withiel Playing Fields Association be made and also that Cllr Harper would attempt to negotiate some cost savings in respect of some elements of expenditure detailed within the application.

128/16 Correspondence. (For information only)

-Police Liaison Meeting for Town & Parish councils 4th October 2016 at St Austell police station at 7p.m.

-Letter from Cllr Chris Batters detailing Cornish Hedge Management.

-Letter from Scott Mann advising his recent appointment to the Digital Economy Bill committee

129/16 Advise dates of next normal meetings as being 5th October 2016, 2nd November 2016 & 7th December 2016.

Dates confirmed.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 8.02 pm. and once again thanked all those present for attending.


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