Draft Minutes of the Annual meeting of Withiel Parish held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 5th April 2017, which opened at 7 pm and Cllr Janet Shearer, Parish Council Chair, welcomed all present.

Present – Cllr Shearer(Chair), Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Nott-Bower, Cllr Harper Cllr Malone, Cornwall Cllr Chris Batters, Sgt. Andy Stewart and PCSO Celeste Powell. Also present, Parish Clerk, R Turner and eight electors of the parish.

Apologies: Cllr Coy, Cllr Hoyle.

1/16. Reports from Organisations in the Parish:

a. The Parish Church of St Clement Withiel.

Mrs R Coy delivered the report on behalf of Mr S Coy.

The full report is attached.

b. Withiel Playing Field Association.

Mrs R Coy delivered the report on behalf of Mr S Coy.

The full report is attached.

c. Police & Police Community Support Officer.

Sgt. Andy Stewart & PCSO Celeste Powell gave their reassurance that although continuing budget constraints restrict a more regular presence the Police are providing an in case of need service to apply the Threat Harm & Risk matrix, protect vulnerable persons and deal with daily crime. However to illustrate sector cuts, Sgt. Stewart advised that PCSO numbers are being reduced by over 50% and therefore care is now being taken in how they are deployed in order to deal with increasing crime as efficiently as possible. He appealed for public help & support in providing information, reporting crime and suspicious circumstances so that crime patterns can be analysed and eradicated.

Sgt. Stewart acknowledged the shortcomings previously associated with the 101 telephone number but was keen to stress resources have been delivered to make improvements to this line of contact with the Police.

Highlighting Withiel’s low crime rate PCSO Powell reported that the last 12 months crime figures for the Parish of Withiel were recorded as:


2 x Theft, 3 x Assault & 1 x Disqualified driver 


1 x Assault & 1 x Dog out of control 


1 x Criminal damage & 1 x Assault

d Cornwall Council.

Cllr Batters also gave his reassurance that Policing was on top of his agenda with regular contacts with the Crime Commissioner and local senior officers to demand more resources in rural area’s. Cllr Chris Batters’ also highlighted the amount of time and effort spent in ensuring the maintenance of roads, lanes and highways

On the matter of vehicle strikes to Ruthern Bridge, Cllr Batters advises he has spent time and effort on hard negotiation with the major stakeholders not only to effect structural changes to the approach to the bridge but also to install covert camera’s to monitor any future incident should it occur. The first phase of the overall strategy has been completed.

He concluded his report, advising that the Boundary Commission will announce their preliminary decisions in 2018 for parish council reorganisation for implementation in 2021. Parishes will almost certainly amalgamate.

e Parish Council

Cllr Shearer delivered her report.

Full report attached.

f. Women’s Institute

Mrs Rosalind Coy delivered her report which is attached.

g. Any other reports

Mrs Christine Wilson reported on the option of expanding a new perpetual website for the use and benefit of the whole community to include use by the Parish Council.

2/16. Members of the public were invited to address the Parish Meeting.

An elector present noted that signage was becoming obscured in Cork Woods. However the Chair pointed out that this was not a Withiel Parish matter as the woods are in St Breock Parish.

Another elector present raised the issue of the dis repair of lay bys and roads within the Parish. The Chair reminded the meeting that a reporting line is open via the Cornwall Council website and can be used by the general public to expedite feedback for any works that are required.

A member of the public raised the issue of road flooding at Great Brynn Barton. Cllr Malone was able to advise that he had already reported and discussed this with County Cllr Batters.

3/16. Date of the next Annual Parish Meeting:

Wednesday 2nd May 2018.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 7.52pm and thanked those present for attending.


The Parish Church of St Clement, Withiel  – Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council

For the Calendar Year Ended 31 December 2016 

Administrative Information 

St Clement’s Church is situated in Churchtown in the very rural parish of Withiel (population 351). It was part of the United Benefice of Roche and Withiel until 31st August 2011, but on 1st September 2011 it formed, with St Wenn, the new United Benefice of St Wenn and Withiel in the Diocese of Truro within the Church of England.  

The presentation of the new United Benefice was suspended on January 4th 2012, and was re-suspended on January 4th 2017.  The Patrons are the Bishop and the Truro Diocesan Board of Patronage. 

The correspondence address is Withiel PCC Secretary, Dipper Bridge, Ruthernbridge BODMIN, PL30 5LU. (simoncoy@withiel.com) 

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity excepted from registration with the Charity Commission. PCC members who have served from 1 January 2016 to date are: 

Priest-in-Charge:        Rev’d Elke Deeley (currently on extended leave of absence) 


Simon Coy First Elected 4th April 2005

Betty Jarrett First Elected 4th April 2005 

Representatives on the Deanery Synod: Simon Coy, PCC Secretary & June Eddy

Elected members:Anne Cardew, Judy Douglas-Boyd Lay Vice-Chairman until 21 November 2016, Anita Dunstan, Anthony Liddicoat – Treasurer, Gwen Millett & Wendy Simpson.

Structure, Governance and Management 

The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules. All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC. 

Objectives and Activities 

St Clement’s PCC has the responsibility of cooperating with the Rev’d Elke Deeley (the incumbent) in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. It has maintenance responsibilities for the Church.  It rents the Church Room (formally a Priory Stable) from the current owner of the 1523 Priory.

The United Benefice of St Wenn and Withiel

A Pastoral Measure was put in place on 1st September 2011 to form the United Benefice of St Wenn and Withiel. Following this change, we have also moved Deanery to Pydar where we are now well ensconced.  

Achievements and Performance  

Church Attendance

There were 23 parishioners on the Church Electoral Roll in 2016.  During 2016, 59 acts of worship were carried out in the Church attended by 1,492 people. The best yardstick for measuring performance year on year is attendance at the average Sunday service. Fourty-nine Sunday services were held with an average attendance of 17. The Church was full for the Christmas Eve Carol Service.

Review of The Year

PCC Meetings. There were Six PCC meetings during the year.  The Vestry Meeting and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting were held on 3rd May 2016.

Charitable Giving: We made charitable donations to:
The Royal British Legion, Cornwall Historic Churches Trust, Cornwall Hospice Care & Christian Aid.

Four infants were baptized during 2016: 

Sunday 17 January 2016                  Ted Wylder Wright

Sunday 24 April 2016                      Willow Kitty Eloise Pack 

There was one marriage during 2016 

Friday 08 July 2016                           Simon Skelding and Judy Douglas-Boyd

There were two funerals at St Clement’s in 2016 

Saturday 23 January 2016                Gordon Firken

Friday 11 November 2016                 Lorna Ann Jones

Rogation tide, Harvest Festival, and Plough Sunday were all celebrated in a way that befits a country parish.  A Rogation tide service was held followed by a blessing of Church town fields and a lunch in the Church Room.  The Harvest Festival and Plough Sunday services were both followed with Parish Lunches in the Village Hall.  Remembrance Sunday was celebrated outside by the war memorial.  A very successful Flower Festival was held over the August Bank Holiday with the theme of “Musicals”. 

The Good Friday Procession of Faith started with a service at Withiel.  Members of both Parishes then walked to St Wenn where a further service was held followed by a soup lunch in St Wenn WI Hall. 

The Fabric of the Church 

A Faculty has been granted to take down the redundant Boiler House Chimney.  This will cure the ingress of water through “wicking” down the chimney which has no damp course. 

The Quinquennial Inspection remains in progress awaiting an Asbestos Report. 

Annual Financial Report 2016 

Total receipts on general unrestricted funds were £6,244.79 and are detailed in the financial statements.  £ 8,551.38 was spent to provide the Christian ministry from St Clement’s Church, including the contribution to the Diocesan Ministry and Mission Fund (paid in full and on time), which largely provides the stipends and housing for the clergy. Our contribution was £ 5,039.00. The net result for the year 2016 was a loss of £ 1,716.95 in the General Fund.  This, in part, brought about by an arbitrary 25% increase to the Ministry and Mission Fund to cope with the Diocese’s financial difficulties.  

The Special Projects account now stands at £4,918.03 which includes a loan of £3,000 detailed in the next Paragraph to fund repairs to the Baptistery and minor work on the Chancel Step. 

Our monetary net assets on 31 December 2016 were £5,189.56 (£ 6,406.51 in 2015).  This includes a loan from a parishioner of £3,000 to assist with cash flow and the funding of capital projects.   

We wait with interest news of the Mission amd Ministry Fund calculations for the future years. 

Reserves policy  

It is PCC policy to adopt best practice and maintain a balance on unrestricted funds (if possible), which equates to approximately six months’ unrestricted payments (£4071.175), to cover unforeseen eventualities and provide a working balance and cash flow. The General Fund’s balance of £271.53 at the end of 2016 falls well short of this target. 

Simon Coy (PCC Secretary)  5 April 2017       

Withiel Playing Fields Association, Charity No 801012 Chairmans Report 2016/2017 

It is my pleasure to report on another successful year for Withiel Village Hall and the Withiel Playing Fields managed by the Trustees of the Withiel Playing Fields Association under the terms of a Conveyance and Trust Deed dated 6th February 1987.

I thank all committee members who were on the 2016/17 committee, but single out for particular mention the Officers: the Secretary Rachel Lobb and the Treasurer Margaret Warren.  In addition to the officers, we thank Tony Liddicoat who accepts bookings, take payments and generally looks after the administration of the Hall on a day-to-day basis.  Without these fine people, things would not go as smoothly as they do. 

Objectives and Activities

The provision and maintenance of a Playing Field and Village Hall for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Withiel and those portions of the neighbouring parishes of Roche, Lanivet, St.Breock and St.Wenn identified in the Trust Deed 

Achievements and Performance 

During the reporting period, the Hall was well used.  The routine activities of the resident clubs, societies and organisations have been the mainstay, but the fundraising highlights were possibly the Autumn Show under the new Management of Bridget Rundle and Charlotte Matthews, and the Ruthern Valley Players’ 2017 production of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. 

Thr Air Sourced Heat Pump Heating System has settled down after a few hiccups.   

The Hall Development Project continues.  We were fortunate to secure a grant from the St Breock Windfarm Community Fund for the Hall Redecoration and Lighting Project and this work will take place in 2017.  The long-term planning focus is on the Hall Extension Project.  This seeks to solve the problem of table, chair and stage stowage by the use of the extant committee room for storage while replacing the committee room by an extension to the north end of the hall.  This will also provide more space for the kitchen and could even include a up to date disabled toilet.  This is a major project which starts with a Project Definition Stage for which we have sought Funds in the 2017 round of Grants from the St Breock Windfarm Community Fund.  More prosaically routine maintenance is required on the sofits  at the front of the Hall.

 Financial Reserves Policy. 

We need to retain the ability to ride out exceptional, unforeseen and uninsured events through the provision of sensible reserves.  We aim to keep a reserve of six months normal payments.  The 2016/17 accounts are not yet available, but the indication is that we will finish the year with reserves equalling or exceeding the stated target of £3,000 with some headroom.  The Development Projects will be funded entirely by Grants and special appeals. 

Long Term Outlook 

There is much going on and good cause for optimism.  Those who had the foresight to construct such an excellent Hall, possibly the best in North Cornwall, may take heart from the fact that it continues to be managed by the Trustees as the Trust deed intended. 

The 2016/17 Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 24th April at 7.30 pm. 


Chairman  5th April 2017

                                                       WITHIEL PARISH COUNCIL

It’s hard for me to accept that my role as chairman of the Withiel Parish Council is not a temporary situation whilst Sue is indisposed. I still think of her during every meeting and wonder how she would deal with each matter arising.

However, a whole year has passed and we have, as a team, enjoyed a peaceful and efficient year with excellent attendance at meetings.

On the subject of efficiency: I would like to offer Robin Turner, our clerk our thanks for his diligence, patience and professionalism which we, as the parish council, have benefitted from enormously, as have all the Withiel parishioners indirectly. I would also like to thank Pat Malone for his monthly reports to the News and Views. We are very fortunate to have such a high standard of workmanship from both these people.

With the tireless efforts by David Cubitt to finalise details of the Withiel Neighbourhood Development Plan, it has moved forward to its final stage. He is now hammering out semantics with the Council to bring it to closure. This has been a huge and tedious effort, and the wheels seemed to turn very slowly within Cornwall Council, which takes ages to return comments on our drafts.

The condition of the roads remains an issue that we are unable to improve and all our highways are in desperate need of repair.

The footpath network has been looked after again by Sam Chapman who has done a good job and we have not had any complaints.

The council has supported about a dozen planning applications making one or two comments or suggestions along the way. We agreed to adopt the local pre planning application protocol which offers helpful guidelines for the councillors .

Once the local Neighbourhood Development Plan has been adopted, we will have our own guidelines to follow.

The St. Breock wind farm community fund is now in its second year of operation and applications have been received and allocations made by the Withiel panel. Applications this year totalled £10,764 for a pot of £7,767, so not all applications were able to be satisfied. Details of some individual allocations have still to be confirmed but should be published within the next two or three weeks.

That wraps up my annual report. I know I have mentioned the clerk, Pat Malone and David Cubitt, but I would like to say that all the members of the Parish Council have worked hard to look after Withiel’s interests at every opportunity. As we now know, the Withiel Parish Council will remain unchanged for the next year, we hope that in 2017 things will run as smoothly.

Cllr Janet Shearer 5th April 2017

Withiel Women’s Institute Annual Report 2016 Presented To Withiel Parish Council Wednesday 5th April 2017

Withiel Members of the WI continue to support their Institute, and to this end have introduced several new members to swell the ranks.  we are so grateful for this because it does bring new ideas and dynamics to the Institute.

We are happy to state that we are still a strong group of people and unlike the other members of the Abbey Group still survive.  It is just St Wenn and ourselves left now.  This state is of course dependant on members volunteering to hold the offices and being prepared to serve on the committee.

Once again this past year our secretary has organised a variety of subjects for speakers.  They range from Queen Victoria to have “G String will Travel”.  This title brought much amused speculation.  It turned out to be a violin.

Members have attended the Council Meetings in the Hall for Cornwall, and have taken part in outings, walks and quizzes arranged by the County Federation.  All our monthly competitions have been participated in and beautiful favourite flowers have been enjoyed.

Long may our institute continue.

Mrs R Coy 5th April 2017


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