Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th November 2018 which opened at 7:15 pm with Cllr Shearer welcoming all in attendance.

WPC Councillors present: Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy, Cllr Hoyle, Cllr Harper, & Cllr Malone.

Also present: Parish Clerk (Mr Robin Turner) & four members of the public.

145/18 Apologies for absence: Cornwall Cllr Batters (ill health) & Cllr Nott-Bower (business engagement)

146/18 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations:

Cllr Coy & Cllr Shearer declared their interests in agenda items 160 /18. Cllr Harper declared his interest in planning application PA18/09230.

147/18 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting:

Mr Julian Lilley spoke regarding the potential widening of Whitehay Hill and said he would be sympathetic to an approach to release land for this purpose but would not wish to see a scheme that would encourage more traffic flow.

Cllr Batters written apologies for absence and update to ongoing issues was read to the meeting. He advised that planning application PA18/04771 remains unresolved but is due for consideration as soon as possible. Cormac have confirmed they are looking into the broken metal post in the verge at Inches crossroads (Cllr Harper advised the meeting that it had now been removed), the trench outside of Great Brynn Barton Farm and also they will be writing to the landowner at the bottom of Whitehay Hill requesting that hedge trimming be carried out.

148/18 To approve the minutes of the council meeting held on 3rdOctober 2018.

Cllr Malone proposed to approve the minutes of the council meeting of 3rdOctober 2018, seconded by Cllr Cubitt. It was resolved to approve the minutes of the council meeting of 3rdOctober. Cllr Shearer signed the minutes.

149/18 To consider matters arising from minutes of 3rd October 2018 which are not agenda items below.

There were no matters arising.

150/18 Finance matters.

-Accounts payable .

The clerk advised the following payments due:

1 –Withiel PCC £1821.60 Chq no 100617

2 – Postages £8.57 Chq no. 100619

Cllr Cubitt proposed the payment of these accounts. Cllr Malone seconded the proposal and it was resolved to make the payments.

Responsible Finance Officer’s report.

-VAT reclaim proceeds of £507.01 were received 29.10.2018

-S106 grant £1821.60 has been received from Cornwall Council in order to pay to Withiel PCC.

151/18 Planning: To consider and approve a consultee comment for the planning applications listed below and any others received prior to the evening of the meeting.

Application PA18/09230

Proposal Construction of a manège (riding school) and associated works.

Location Sunny Corner Coddles Lane Withiel Bodmin

Applicant Mr And Mrs R Thomas

After discussion Cllr Malone proposed the following consultee comment:

Withiel Parish Council supports this application as the proposed changes to the land in question are minor and the site is suitable for its proposed use, taking account of ground conditions. No risks arising from the proposed changes have been identified.

Cllr Hoyle seconded the proposed comment and it was resolved that the comment be submitted to the Planning and Sustainable Development Service. Cllr Harper did not leave the room but did not enter discussion or vote.

PA18/00003/SPD Cornwall Council is publishing the draft Housing Supplementary Planning

document for a six week consultation period between Friday 19th October and

5pm 30th November 2018. The document explains how Cornwall Council will implement the policies in the adopted local plan with regard to housing and the provision of affordable housing. Representations are invited.

This request for comment was considered and the members asked that it be noted that WPC cannot make any useful comment and should offer no representation or take further action.

152/18 Planning: To report planning decisions of the planning authority received prior to the evening of the meeting.

There were no decisions that had not already been reported.

The clerk updated the progress in the decision, still awaited, for PA18/ 04771 following his referral to the Planning and Sustainable Development Service, which reiterated Cllr Batters report on the matter and advised the case officer was seeking further information.

For further details about any planning decision, note the reference number and go to the Cornwall Council website http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/

153/18 Planning: To report, for information only, any pre application planning submissions to planning authority advised prior to the evening of the meeting.

There were no pre application planning cases to report.

154/18 General Data Protection Regulations.

Further to agenda item 137/18, the clerk, having sought advice from Cornwall Assn of Local Councils (CALC) once again, reiterated that the best practice was to wipe the recordings of meetings as soon as the minutes have been written up and that WPC should minute its precise policy on this matter. A discussion followed and it was deemed sensible to retain the recordings until the minutes of a meeting had been approved at the next meeting and asked the clerk to clarify with CALC if this would be acceptable and compliant.

155/18 Telephone Box

After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Hoyle and seconded by Cllr Coy that Cllr Shearer would organise the marketing of the telephone box, situated in Withiel Churchtown, for an auction sale on eBay with starting bids of £1, which the clerk confirmed was the purchase price of the box paid by WPC on 6th April 2011. It was resolved that the telephone box be marketed for an auction sale on eBay with starting bids of £1.

156/18 To receive report from Localism Summit 1.11.2018

The clerk thanked Cllr Hoyle for attending and reporting back to the meeting. The key actions and objectives that came out of the summit were that Cornwall Council would be self financing by 2020, Community Networks would be devolved more powers with libraries linking to become community hubs and that maybe local government in Cornwall may be given some flexibility where the proposed local boundary review is concerned.

157/18 To receive report from October 2018 Bodmin Community Network Meeting.

Cllr Shearer gave a report of the meeting.

158/18 Community Networks Highways Scheme

After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Hoyle and seconded by Cllr Malone that WPC complete an application by way of an expression of interest for obtaining grant monies available via the Community Networks Highways Scheme for the improvement and enlargement of the passing place at the lower end of Whitehay Hill. It was resolved that the expression of interest for this purpose be forwarded to Bodmin Community Network by the clerk.

159/18 To agree Section 137 donation £27 to Royal British Legion Wreaths for Sunday 11 November to be laid by Chairman WPC at the Withiel War Memorial

Cllr Malone proposed a donation of £27 to Royal British Legion Wreaths, Cllr Harper seconded the proposal and it was resolved to make the donation of £27, issuing cheque no. 100618.

160/18 To consider Section 137 donation to Withiel Playing Fields Assn (WPFA)

Cllr Coy presented a request for a donation of £250 to WPFA to assist with the future remedial and renovation costs of outdoor play equipment, having clearly outlined the current running costs and routes to finance and why additional funding will be required.

Cllrs Shearer and Coy then left the meeting and Cllr Cubitt took the chair.

After discussion Cllr Hoyle proposed that WPC would not support a donation and Cllr Harper seconded the proposal. It was resolved not to support a donation of £250 to WPFA for the purpose of future remedial and renovation costs of outdoor play equipment.

Cllrs Shearer and Coy rejoined the meeting and Cllr Shearer took the chair.

161/18 To consider support for Crantock Parish Council Judicial Review

After discussion and with the benefit of information obtained from various sources and forwarded by CALC it was proposed by Cllr Cubitt and seconded by Cllr Harper that it was not appropriate that WPC make a contribution to Crantock Parish Council for the purpose of funding their judicial review of a planning decision. It was resolved not to support Crantock Parish Council judicial review.

162/18 Correspondence (For information only)

There were items to be tabled.

163/18 Advise dates of next meetings as being 5th December 2018, 2nd January 2019 & 6th February 2019.

These dates are confirmed. Cllr Hoyle confirmed she will be will be absent in December & January.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 8.32 pm


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