DRAFT                                  WITHIEL PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 5th December 2018 which opened at 7:15 pm with Cllr Shearer welcoming all in attendance.

WPC Councillors present: Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Coy, Cllr Harper, Cllr Nott-Bower & Cllr Malone.

Also present: Cornwall Cllr Chris Batters, Parish Clerk (Mr Robin Turner) & no members of the public.

164/18 Apologies for absence: Cllr Hoyle (abroad). Cllr Shearer advised the meeting that Cllr Nott-Bower would be late in joining.

165/18 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations:

There were no declarations interests made.

166/18 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting:

Cllr Batters began his report and Cllr Nott-Bower joined the meeting and made no declarations of interest.

Cllr Batters endorsed WPC’s decision relating to minute no. 161/18, regarding financial support for Crantock Parish Council, which mitigated any potential financial liability. He continued to advise that a rural Police officer has been appointed but the role specification is to cover all 206 rural parishes in the county and as such his presence, locally, may be scarce. With policing in view Cllr Coy commented on the excellent police response to a burglary in Withiel, which took place a few days ago.

Cllr Shearer thanked Cllr Batters for his prompt and proactive assistance regarding a fly tipping incident that she reported to him which has resulted in positive action being taken by Cornwall Council enforcement officers to attempt to trace the culprit.

Cllr Harper said he had been approached by a member of the public who expressed an interest in purchasing the phone box, subject of minute no 155/18, but had not been able to trace the listing on eBay. Cllr Shearer advised that it had not been listed for sale as yet.

Following an approach from a member of the public, in the light of the recent burglary, Cllr Harper enquired of Cllr Batters whether there was any possibility of the council providing homeowners with any anti theft resources. Cllr Batters advised there were not and that it was highly unlikely that it would ever be the case.

167/18 To approve the minutes of the council meeting held on 7th November 2018.

Cllr Malone proposed to approve the minutes of the council meeting of 7th November 2018, seconded by Cllr Shearer. It was resolved to approve the minutes of the council meeting of 7th November. Cllr Shearer signed the minutes.

Cllr Batters left the meeting at this point.

168/18 To consider matters arising from minutes of 7th November 2018 which are not agenda items below.

Cllr Shearer reported that an expression of interest for a grant from the Community Networks Highways Scheme for the improvement and enlargement of the passing place at the lower end of Whitehay Hill had been made and that the landowner had been written to asking for an agreement in principle to release an area of land for this purpose. A reply is awaited.

169/18 Finance matters.

-Accounts payable .

The clerk advised the following payments due:

1- Agave Landscape Ltd £318.00 – Footpath maintenance . Chq no.100620

2- Robin Turner £584.84– Clerks Salary –Oct, Nov & Dec 2018, Chq no. 100621

3- HMRC £134.20– Clerks PAYE re salary, Chq no. 100622

4- Payline £201.60 Payroll fees re clerks salary . Chq no. 100623

Cllr Coy proposed the payment of these accounts. Cllr Malone seconded the proposal and it was resolved to make the payments.

Responsible Finance Officer’s report.

The clerk reported:

-Annual Governance and Accounting Return external audit report 2017-18 for WPC is completed and published together with a public notice of the audit and right to inspect the annual return. No issues and no concerns were raised by the auditors.

-WPC reserves figures will be restated in this minute to correct a typing error in minute 94/18, where the salary reserve was stated as £1970 and should have read £1370 as reported in the external audit.

-Financial year 2018-19 finance checks, which form part of our internal audit, were completed at the end of the respective quarters in June and September 2018. There have been no issues or concerns identified and were signed off.

170/18 Precept 2019/20 – To approve the demand to Cornwall Council for operating funds to meet WPC budget needs financial year 2019/20.

The clerk reconciled the 2018-19 financial year end cash position as accurately as could be forecast at this point in time and stated a position of £7300 and itemised the reserves currently held as being, General reserve £2300, salary reserve £464, election reserve £1782 & grants £2617. He presented the WPC budget for 2019-20, based on receiving a Precept payment from Cornwall Council of £4500.

After discussion Cllr Coy proposed that WPC notify Cornwall Council for a Precept payment of £4500 for financial year 2019-20. Cllr Nott- Bower seconded and it was resolved to notify Cornwall Council for a Precept payment of £4500 for financial year 2019-20.

171/18 Planning: To consider and approve a consultee comment for the planning applications listed below and any others received prior to the evening of the meeting.

There were no requests for comment that had not already been considered by WPC.

172/18 Planning: To report planning decisions of the planning authority for Withiel Parish received prior to the evening of the meeting.

Cllr Shearer reported: PA18/04771 – Application withdrawn. It was also reported that WPC have been advised by Cornwall Council that the agent acting on behalf of the applicant has advised that it is the intention of the applicant to submit a new application for the retention of the mobile home, in situe, on a temporary basis, which will be subject to the normal consultation process.

For further details about any planning decision, note the reference number and go to the Cornwall Council website http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/

173/18 Planning: To report, for information only, any pre application planning submissions to planning authority for Withiel Parish advised prior to the evening of the meeting.

There were no new pre application planning submissions relating to Withiel to report.

174/18 General Data Protection Regulations.

Following from minute no. 154/18 the clerk advised he had consulted CALC with the members stated preference to retain recordings of meetings and had not received an adverse response. After brief discussion Cllr Cubitt proposed that the preference was for Cllr Malone to securely retain the recordings of a WPC meeting until the minutes of the meeting had been formally approved and signed. The disks would then be wiped or scrubbed completely. Cllr Malone seconded the proposal and it was resolved to minute this practice as an ongoing action for the retention of recordings of WPC meetings.

175/18 Standing Orders

To consider amendment to WPC standing Orders as recommended by National Assn of Local Councils and commentary given by Cornwall Assn of Local Councils dated 15.11.2018. There were no immediate queries from the members and a further period of time until the WPC January meeting will be used to consider the amendments with a view to adopting the new set of Standing Orders at that meeting.

176/18 Correspondence (For information only)

-Cllr Shearer advised she had received representation regarding flooding at Tregawne, which following a report to Cormac, via Cllr Batters, the cause had been remediated for the time being.

-Clerks absence advised and noted as being from 2nd January 2019 until 28th January 2019.

-County Wide Conference and Rural Exception Site issues. Letter from North Coast Cluster Group to Cllr Bob Egerton, Portfolio Holder Planning and Economy-Cornwall Council, dated 25th Nov 2018.

177/18 Advise dates of next meetings as being 2nd January 2019, 6th February 2019 & 6th March 2019.

These dates are confirmed.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 8.10 pm





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