Minutes of the meeting of Withiel Parish Council (WPC) held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 6th March 2019 which opened at 7:15 pm with Cllr Shearer welcoming all in attendance.

WPC Councillors present: Cllr Shearer (Chair), Cllr Cubitt, Cllr Harper, Cllr Malone, Cllr Hoyle & Cllr Coy.

Also present: Clerk, but no members of the public.

30/19 Apologies for absence: Cllr Nott-Bower & Cornwall Cllr Chris Batters.

31/19 Members Declaration of Interest and any requests for dispensations:

There were no declarations of interests made.

32/19 Invitation to members of the public to address the meeting:

No one addressed the meeting.

33/19 To approve the minutes of the council meeting held on 6th February 2019.

Cllr Malone proposed to approve the minutes of the council meeting held 6th February 2019, seconded by Cllr Hoyle. It was resolved to approve the minutes of the council meeting of 6th February 2019. Cllr Shearer signed the minutes.

34/19 To consider matters arising from minutes of 6th February 2019 which are not agenda items below.

There were no matters arising.

35/19 Finance matters.

Responsible Finance Officer’s report.

The clerk reported:

-WPC HSBC bank account balance as at 1.3.2019 £8062.08 credit and this years expenditure is within budget. A full reconciliation will be due at the financial year end, 31.3.2019. Reserves will be restated and reported at the April meeting. Year to date figures have been sent to all members, itemising all income and expenditure and advising all VAT reclaimable. 

-Internal auditor appointment for financial year 2018/19 is due. Mr Paul Roberts has agreed to act once again for £nil fee. The clerk asked the members to agree the appointment. Cllr Coy proposed the appointment and Cllr Malone seconded the proposal. It was resolved that Mr Paul Roberts be appointed Internal auditor for WPC 2018/19.

-Accounts payable

The clerk advised the following accounts payable:

1-     Withiel Playing Fields Assn (Room Hire) £83 Chq no.100626

2-     Clerks Salary £566.84 Chq no. 100627

3-     Clerks PAYE – HMRC £134.20 Chq no. 100528

Cllr Malone proposed the payment of these accounts. Cllr seconded seconded the proposal and it was resolved to make the payments

36/19 Planning: To consider and approve a consultee comment for the planning applications listed below and any others received prior to the evening of the meeting.

There were no applications that had not already been commented upon.

37/19 Planning: To report planning decisions of the planning authority for Withiel Parish received prior to the evening of the meeting.

There were no decisions that had not already been reported.

For further details about any planning decision, note the reference number and go to the Cornwall Council website http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/

38/19 Planning: To report, for information only, any pre application planning submissions to planning authority for Withiel Parish advised prior to the evening of the meeting.

There are no pre application planning submissions relating to Withiel to report.

39/19 GDPR

The clerk reported on a recent legal update from the National Assn of Local Councils that advised that since the introduction of GDPR it has come to their attention that some local planning authorities are no longer continuing to publish online, and instead are making comments/responses available for inspection at their offices, citing GDPR as the reason for this change in practice.  To date, WPC has not noticed or been advised that this a practice being adopted by Cornwall Council.

40/19 Footpaths.

Cllr Malone proposed to approve the submission to Cornwall Council for a Local Maintenance Partnership grant of £326.06 for footpath cuts 2019. Cllr Hoyle seconded the proposal and it was resolved submit an application to Cornwall Council for a grant of £326.06 towards the cost of footpath cutting in 2019.

41/19 Meet the Planners 20.3.2019

Cllr Hoyle volunteered to represent Withiel Parish Council at a forthcoming event to meet our LPA officers to be held in Wadebridge Town Hall 20.3.2019.

42/19 Telephone Box

Further to agenda item 155/18 Cllr Shearer advised that the box had not yet been listed for sale on eBay. After discussion and research of similar items currently listed on eBay, the members still concurred with a low starting price of £1 to generate interest and bidding, but felt protection from having to sell at a price too low should be integrated into the listing. The clerk advised that reference should be made to Cornwall Assn Of Local Councils to ensure the suggested action did not contravene any regulatory compliance. Cllr Coy proposed that subject to any rules preventing the amendment of the resolution 115/18, that a £500 reserve be placed on the listing. Cllr Malone seconded the motion and it was resolved that subject to any regulation preventing this action, a reserve of £500 be included in the listing, whilst noting the additional marketing fees to be incurred.

43/19 Code of Conduct

The clerk reminded the members of their obligations under the governance documents including conduct at meetings and actions that can be taken and not taken as a result of the public session of meetings. A request was made for councilors to exercise good judgment and involve the clerk in matters as necessary.

44/19 Electoral Services Polling District & Polling Place Review

The clerk advised that Cornwall Council Electoral Services are currently undertaking the periodic review of venues that have previously been used as election Poling Stations with a view to their future suitability. The members agreed that Withiel Village Hall remains wholly suitable for this purpose and would encourage that it be made available upon request, as required.

45/19 Community Network Volunteering Scheme 2019

No project was identified for application to Cornwall Councils’ Employee Volunteering scheme.

46/19 Withiel Community Web Site Migration

The clerk reported that the website migration should take place towards the end of March 2019. The new web site will be withiel.info.

47/19 Correspondence

-Notice of Intented Road Closure – Demelza Road Roche 29/4/19 until 1/5/2019

-Planning application PA13/07847

-Cornwall Assn of Local Councils re revision of standing orders

48/19 Advise dates of next meetings as being 3rd April 2019, 1st May 2019 & 5th June 2019.

These dates were confirmed.

Cllr Shearer closed the meeting at 8.12pm.



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