The Post Office Girl by Stefan Zweig

post office girlMay 2014

Another great discussion at Book Group, with 17 people it was the largest turn out we have had. Here is a list of the marks and very brief comments. For some people the comments are more positive than the marks would suggest. Interestingly it was a book that all the men really liked.

6, brilliantly written, clever very sad.
7, enjoyed it very much, liked the social commentary. Would have given a higher mark but did not like the characters much.
7, had only read a part of it.
7, writing beautiful, timeless, memorable, didn’t get the despair from it that the rest of us did.
7, like a fairy story, very visual, interesting.
7.5, enjoyed it, the second half more than the first, good ending9, brilliant.
8, writing excellent, annoyed by some characters.
8, loved it, enjoys the darker side of life.
8, enjoyed ending, frustrated with the main character.
8, ran out of steam towards the end but the actual ending redeemed it. Beautifully written.
8, loved it but not impressed by the translation.
8.5, unrecognised classic.
9, loved it, descriptions very good, evinced reality,loved ending, enthralled.
9, unfinished classic.
9, loved the social history, post world war 1desolation very well depicted. Interested in the themes of inequality and control (or lack of it) over one’s life.
9, very good.
9, couldn’t put it down, well written.

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