Jubilee Weekend round-up

Jo Trudgian writes: As I sit writing this article, I am reminded of the various letters, cards, texts and messages thanking me for co-ordinating the St Wenn & Withiel Jubilee Celebrations.  Of course, it would not be possible to undertake such a task myself and I thank those who joined me along the way in helping to bring the many events to fruition. In particular, I would like to thank the Withiel Social Group and the St Wenn Jubilee Committee for all their hard work and input.  It was rewarding to see so many people come together again, across both parishes, to celebrate this significant milestone in our Queen’s reign – something that we are unlikely to ever see again! 

Festivities started with An Old Time Music Hall hosted by the Ruthern Valley Players. The variety of acts and songs were greatly enjoyed by all and who could forget Christine Wilson as the fairy!

Whilst the Scarecrow Competition was not overly supported, those who did take part managed to stage some wonderful scarecrows!

The car Treasure Hunt, on Thursday 2nd June, proved very popular with 73 participants if you included the children!  The weather was beautiful and allowed for safe travel and clue seeking under dry foot! Clues took us from St Wenn, where we had to memorise 21 items in the back of Sue’s car, to Tregoss, Roche and Victoria before returning to St Wenn for a pasty supper, tea and cake.  The banter and conversations in the hall afterwards just showed how much we had missed getting together! The raffle was well supported helping to raise a final total of £260+ for Church funds.  Three teams finished with 50 points and following a tie-break draw Withiel Wanderers came 1st,  Every Direction – 2nd and T – Town Trio – 3rd Congratulations to them and huge thanks to Sue, Jenny, Carol for planning the clues and to Pam, Barbara, Tim, Cheryl and Julie for all your help with the raffle and pasty supper!  Special thanks to Erica for the lovely sponge cakes!  A fun evening, enjoyed by many!

On Friday 3rd June, Withiel Church hosted the live screening of the St Paul’s Cathedral Service.  Thanks to Simon Coy and his team for all the arrangements here.  Simon was also instrumental in writing a joint letter from St Wenn & Withiel Parishes to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, in acknowledgment of her 70- year reign. 

The lite lunch in the hall afterwards was a good opportunity for old friends and new to have a good chat and catch up.  Thanks to the Withiel Social Group and Joyce for the tasty lunch,  including scrummy Egg & Bacon Pie and cream tea.

The 1950’s themed Pub Night at St Wenn was another popular event and an opportunity to catch up once again.  The St Wenn Parish Society did a wonderful job decorating the hall and hosting the event!

On Saturday, the walk from Withiel to St Wenn was well attended despite the threatening weather. It must have been something to do with the Great British Breakfast waiting at St Wenn!

Dance the Decades on the Saturday evening was attended by approximately 40 people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves dancing to The Electric Bandits. Special thanks to the St Wenn Community Fund for applying to WREN for the funding to help pay for the entertainment at the Jubilee events.

The Finale!

The Thanksgiving Service on Sunday 5th June was written and conducted by Julie Barnecutt.

Following the Service, proceedings took place in the field where Jed and Emily cut the ribbon to officially mark the naming of the St Wenn Community Jubilee Field and to reveal a specially dedicated plaque.

Thanks to the St Wenn Community Fund for raising funds to secure the ownership of the field so that the St Wenn community can benefit in this green space!

Everyone was able to eat their picnic lunch, just before the rain came!  Mandy Bennett entertained us with some singing and encouraged everyone to sing along.  The puddings in ‘The Platinum Pudding Party’ were ‘amazing’ and special thanks to those who were enthused to make the special Platinum Trifle.

Now that the celebrations have come to an end, we are left to enjoy the beautiful flower tubs dotted around the parishes.  The planting up of the tubs was the very first event in the build up to the Jubilee.  Thanks once more to The Green Waste Company for the compost, Neal Hawkey for transporting the compost, The Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery for their guidance and supplying the plants, George Kestell for planting advice, Tom & Nigel for supplying the tubs (and manure!) and our sponsors, who with their funding, made it all possible in the first place!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Jubilee and have taken away their own memories of the occasion.  It really was fun coming up with the ideas and working with everyone to pull it all together.  THANK YOU each and every one of you and to those who supported the many events!  I wonder what the next occasion will be?


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