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The bridge at Grogley Halt

Birds have been nesting in the structure of this bridge and repair work, which had been due to begin at the end of March, has been postponed, presumably for months. In the meantime, the bridge continues to be open to pedestrians and cyclists. In all probability it will never reopen for cars as necessary strengthening work is prohibitively costly.                                                    (Posted April 2, 2021)

When will our hall reopen?

Withiel village hall is essentially closed until May 17 and then open only with the rule of six and social distancing applied. From June 21 all restrictions are removed.

There are some exceptions, subject to the usual social contact rules:

* From April 12, wakes and weddings will be allowed up to 15 guests.

* From April 12, supervised indoor children’s activities are ok, including birthday parties, dance classes, Cubs and Brownies, etc. Parent and toddler groups of up to 15, plus under-fives, are also permitted.

* Elections can take place indoors on May 6.

From May 17

Controlled indoor events are allowed using up to 50% of the hall’s capacity and subject to that rule of six, so coffee mornings and social clubs are back on the agenda, as are exercise classes and sports activities.

Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings, receptions and wakes.

From June 21

All legal limits on social contact are removed.

This is subject to no delays being announced by the Prime Minister. (Posted March 20)

Litter pick

We are all proud of where we live and cannot help but notice how much rubbish has appeared in our hedgerows. Over the next few months it would be great if we, as a community, could go out in a responsible manner to collect and bag it up.

We cannot run an organised event so we are looking for volunteers we can coordinate to litter pick safely, ideally from the same household or bubble, or individually at a safe distance from each other.

The main areas to cover are St Wenn, Withiel, Tregonetha, Treliver, Demelza, Rosenannon, and some sections of the road from Tregonetha to Winnards Perch.

St Wenn Parish Council has kindly acquired litter picking sticks and agreed to raise concerns with both Cornwall Council recycling department and Cornwall Services about the additional rubbish they contribute to our country lanes.                                                                                       (Posted Feb 23)

Contact: Neil Rose, 07506 952225 neilrose17@gmail.com  

Jo Trudgian, 07845 093765 henjapel@aol.com

Withiel church during Lent and Easter

The Mothering Sunday service on 14th March will go ahead only if St Wenn school is open by then. 

The Easter Sunday service, taken by the Revd Martyn Pinnock, will go ahead regardless.

To receive the latest information about church matters, contact Simon Coy

on withielchurch@gmail.com or 01208 831906 to be added to his email list.

The hall is closed, as of December 3

Superfast wifi in the village hall

The village hall wifi has been upgraded and we now have download speeds of 70 mbps. The wifi code is on the main board as you go into the hall.


Photo by Charlotte Vosper – 2020

News and Views online at last

News and Views is a community magazine edited and produced by Ted and Jenny Pentland. For 20 years they have gathered dates of flower festivals, pub nights, hunt balls and yoga classes, dog shows, pantomimes and Christmas parties. They have published news of weddings and funerals, book clubs, autumn shows and church services, as well as  memories of the old days and plans for the future. All this and more is provided each and every month.

Now News and Views is online. It will still be delivered by hand, up lanes and across fields, to the doors of Withiel but now residents of surrounding villages and hamlets will be able to share it too.

Please send your information and articles for inclusion in News and Views as before, by the 20th of the month, to:

Ted Pentland
News and Views
The Mill House Coddles
Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NW
Telephone: 01208 831186
Email: miniashe7@gmail.com