Litter pick

Locals were encouraged to do a litter pick in their immediate area and then come along to Withiel Village Hall on Saturday 25th February, to show what they had collected and enjoy a good old chat plus a free soup and a roll.

Unfortunately, I think our communication got a little lost in translation and some people stayed away believing that they could not attend for the free soup and roll unless they had done a litter pick. We must be clearer with our guidance in future. 

I must say, I did a couple of litter picks, one down towards Withiel Goose from Withiel Village and one up to the Ex-Council Houses on the top of the Hill heading towards the A30 out of Withiel Village and was very surprised by the quantity of rubbish in such a short distance.

Well done to all those who did the Litter pick, we ended up with quite a pile and a big thank you to Nick Parsons for taking it all to the tip for us.

Those that came along enjoyed a hot bowl of homemade soup, a roll and a coffee or tea and some came back for more than one! It was a great opportunity for a good chat and a catch up.

Although the event was free, we had a donations box and raised £80 for Children’s Hospice South West. 

My thanks for everyone’s generosity and support.

Stephen Horrocks

For the Withiel Village Hall Social Group

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