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It was good to meet again after the Christmas and New Year break and our first speaker of the year was member Angie Richardson who for over 20 years has owned a cottage in Brittany. We were treated to a very entertaining account of the process including finding a property, purchasing and renovating. Angie explained how the legal procedure is very different to how things work at home in the UK. We were given three photograph albums to look at with pictures from the beginning right through renovation to the beautiful retreat she and her husband, Keith, have today. The work involved in both the cottage and the garden has been an enormous task made easier by having visiting friends and family as well as neighbours all pitching in to help.

Since Brexit things have become a lot more difficult regarding travel and the length of time anyone can spend in France. Also having passports and vaccinations for pets can be very expensive and all paperwork is scrutinised at Border Control, Angie told of someone who was turned away because even though the paperwork was in order it wasn’t stapled together!

We were given some hilarious accounts of getting to grips with the French language and how a mobile phone app will translate from one language to another though when a person attempts to the language the French can be most helpful and obliging.

Everyone present really enjoyed Angie’s talk and there were lots of questions asked at the end.

Competition: A drawing of a Frenchman or the Eiffel Tower

1st Angie Richardson 2nd Heather De Boer 3rd Liz Capp

Flower of the month

1st Margaret Fryett 2nd Rosanna Marks joint 3rd Barbara Varcoe & Angie Richardson

Our next meeting will be on Friday 2nd February in Withiel Village Hall at 7.15pm when our speaker will be Ben Jobes an ex police dog handler, if you would like to come along ladies you will be made most welcome.


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